Authorized Distributor of Bromic Heating

September 15, 2021


About Bromic – Commerical & Residential Smart Heating

Bromic provides high-quality and high-performance heating products worldwide. Each product is engineered to fit a specific need. Bromic carries heaters for both your indoor and outdoor needs. Choose from electric or gas to suit your needs.

Why Bromic

Protection Relays & Controls



Designed for premium style-centric settings. The Bromic platinum series provide low clearance in semi-enclosed environments and minimizes light emissions to ensure it blends seamlessly into its surroundings.


Designed for both indoor/outdoor, and semi-enclosed spaces. The Tungsten has a stylish industrial aesthetic and delivers high-performance heating, creating a wall of heat across a large span of area.






Maximize heating with the Bromic tungsten portable heater. It serves up to triple the radius compared to traditional portable heaters.



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