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February 2, 2023


About ABB Electrification Emergi-lite

ABB Electrification is a global technology leader. They develop innovative products, solutions, and digital technologies that enable energy efficiency and a low-carbon society across all sectors. Emergi-Lite is a brand of ABB Electrician. They are a global manufacturer of emergency lighting and exit signs for the specification markets. ABB Electrification Emergi-Lite provides products using innovative technologies designed for performance, reliability, and cost efficiency to meet the highest standards in the industry. By applying global scale with local expertise, ABB continues to shape and support global trends, deliver excellence for customers, and power a sustainable future for society.

Why ABB Electrification Emergi-Lite

Movion® – modularity leads to simplicity


Modular fixtures have multiple mounting options for greater versatility in commercial applications. 

  • One escape route signalization version for ceiling and wall applications thanks to its flexible 90° changeable mounting base 
  • Surface and recessed escape route lighting mounting options fitting any ceiling type
  • The hybrid luminaire is suitable for a range of applications, including recessed, surface, wall, and ceiling mounted
  • Flexible installations to any track adapter possible using a 3C interface


Smart features and options lead to ease of planning, installation, and maintenance.

  • The Movion® hybrid’s all-in-one capability helps reduce the number of luminaires required in any project.
  • Parallel wiring connections are possible with the loop-in, loop-out system 
  • Quick-lock assembly enables simple battery change


Excellent lighting distribution and visibility are offered to ensure a safe escape.

  • Unique frameless legend design with 500cd/m2 distribution at 22 meters viewing distance
  • Excellent spacing performances with 18m at 3m ceiling height for escape routes and 10 x 10m at 3m ceiling height in open areas
  • Flexible adaption of the hybrid luminaire lenses depending on your illumination needs:
    • one lux for escape route lighting
    • five lux for safety equipment


DALI emergency lighting

Regular system checks must occur to guarantee that any emergency lighting system is fully operational. Emergency lighting with DALI consistently monitors the system, storing reports of failures or issues and ensuring that the system is 100 percent healthy for the maximum time possible. The health of building occupants is assured, and automatic monitoring decreases maintenance costs.


DALI emergency system key features:

  •  Central monitoring from the touchscreen panel
  •  Reports logging software
  •  Functional and full-duration tests
  • Faults are reported to a central computer, reducing maintenance time and costs
  • A fully addressable emergency system with a central test to BS-EN and IEC standards
  •  Based on the international industry standard DALI protocol

Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

For over 20 years, E.B. Horsman & Son has partnered with ABB to bring you the best and most advanced emergency technologies. With our staff’s expertise and training on ABB Electrification Emergi-Lite products, we will help you select the right products that meet your application requirement and have them delivered right when you need them. As an ABB Electrification Emergi-Lite partner, we trust its products and services will meet and exceed your expectations.

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