December 21st 2022


About GM Lighting

For almost 20 years, GM lighting has worked to become your first choice in LED lighting, under cabinet lighting, and accent lighting. Founded in Chicago, Illinois, GM Lighting has revolutionized the lighting industry, introducing energy-saving lighting solutions. Using decades of experience in the lighting industry, they set out to provide a wide range of lighting solutions to meet your lighting needs. Their commitment to supplying the best quality products and services has led them to innovation, expanding their product line to meet the ever-changing industry.

Why GM Lighting?


From introducing LED tapes to producing power supplies, GM Lighting continues to evolve and grow as the industry advances. The company provides lighting solutions to residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors through easy installation products. They continuously work to deliver products that will meet the user’s needs through experience and design.




GM Lighting incorporates technology in its lighting solutions. With their new app, you can make your home or hotel smart, controlling your lights from your smartphone or tablet. This does not only provide convenience, but it adds efficiency to your every day. GM Lighting finds a way to incorporate the latest technology in its products as technology advances.




For over two decades, GM Lighting has focused on delivering its customers the best service. Despite their ongoing growth, their goal of offering excellent service remains their central pillar for success. Whether it is a product delivery request, questions about a product, or a need for technical support, the GM Lighting team is available to guide its customers.

Looking for GM Lighting Solutions?

From residential to commercial to hospitality, GM Lighting has the right LED series for the right application. Whether you are illuminating a kitchen counter or a grand entryway in an iconic hotel, GM Lighting has a solution for you.

Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

With GM Lighing’s expertise, continuous innovation, and customer service, we trust you will find the perfect lighting solution to brighten up your project. E.B. Horsman & Son is committed to delivering the best products at the best value to our customers with GM Lighting products. Start saving energy with GM Lighting.

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