Louisville Ladder Corp.

2nd December 2016


Who is Louisville Ladder Corp.?

Louisville Ladder is the largest climbing tool manufacturer in Canada with headquarters based in Louisville Kentucky and manufacturing facilities across North America including Aurora ON. Their climbing tools product line includes: Step Ladders, Extension Ladders, Straight Ladders, Multi-Purpose Ladders, Aluminum Planks and Stages, and Attic Ladders.

Since 1946, Louisville Ladder has led the industry in innovative product design and manufacturing processes. The advances in aluminum, fiberglass, and wood ladders that Louisville Ladder introduced to the market has built trust and loyalty among general consumers and professionals alike.

Why Louisville Ladder Corp.?

Louisville Ladder has an impressive history of forward-thinking product development. In fact, the company was first-to-market with aluminum step and extension ladders. These revolutionary ladders feature a patented rung-to-rail connection that improves durability and stability. Louisville Ladder also brought the first knocked-down steel rolling warehouse ladder and the first line of fiberglass ladders to the industry. They also introduced the structural foam-molded technology that provides a more comfortable experience.

Louisville Ladder continues to develop product innovations that provide the greatest value, durability, and reliability in the industry such as:


a polypropylene copolymer upper boot that provides strength, durability, and fiberglass rail surface protection. The thick non-marring tread is bonded and mechanically fastened to the upper boot and also provides slip-resistant footing. Inside, DaBoot has a unique open design that allows for quick and easy visual inspection of the fiberglass rail.


non-conductive, multifunctional ladder top designed to increase productivity featuring a magnet tray, hardware tray, drill and tool slots, paint bucket holder and curved ergonomic front.


available on select aluminum extension ladders, PROGRIP protects wall surfaces from damages without the need of non-factory installed accessories.


an impact deflection system available on heavy-duty fiberglass step ladders that increases the lifespan of the ladder.


Strongest, Toughest, Lightest Rung Lock ever. Custom engineered from a patented, advanced molecular polymer. It won’t twist or bend, even when tested at 2000 lb.

Louisville Ladder Crop. is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

Louisville Ladder has been a partner of E.B. Horsman & Son for over 15 years. Their industry-leading and extensive line of fiberglass ladders are trusted by both our customers and our staff. Regardless if it is a step, twin front, platform or an extension ladder, we know that our customers are receiving a reliable ladder that meets or exceeds applicable standards and requirements.

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