Manufacturer Spotlight

About MOGAS Industries – The Custom Valve Manufacturer

Founded in 1973, MOGAS Industries is the dominant severe service technology company. They provide world-renowned services and the best severe service, application-specific products for critical valve applications in power, mining, oil & gas, refining, chemical/petrochemical, pulp & paper and specialty industries.

The company’s Houston headquarters features over 100,000sqft of building space, manufacturing, service and repair. From valve assembly to testing, all is done in house with the highest quality control.

MOGAS is a global company with authorized sales and repair centers in China, Australia, Canada, North and South America, Africa, The Middle East and Europe. All locations are staffed with MOGAS-trained technicians who provide the same high level of service, on-site assistance and engineering support found at their corporate service center in Houston, Texas.

Severe service is defined as:

  • Extreme Temperatures
  • High Pressures
  • Abrasive Particulates
  • Acidic Products
  • Heavy Solids Build-up
  • Large Pressure Differentials
  • Critical Plant Safety
  • Velocity Controls
  • Noise Control

Why MOGAS Industries?

MOGAS Industries’ portfolio of products includes floating and trunnion severe service ball valve designs for quarter-turn isolation, with custom trim designs for flow control. Valve sizes range from 1/2 to 42 inch, and pressure classes up to ASME 4500.

Known for partnering with its customers to meet the ever-increasing challenges of severe-service applications, MOGAS engineering services are available for project support, offering application-specific valve designs and pre-engineered valve systems. Complete product support includes a totally customizable valve purchase and service plan.

Continuous years of research and development, design innovation, advanced manufacturing techniques and field experience allow MOGAS to offer an application-specific PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE on their isolation and control valves, plus a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

MOGAS Proven Process

The root of the MOGAS difference is in their proven process. This cycle of expertise, support, industry knowledge and desire to innovate is repeated year after year.

  • Valve Expertise. Over 40 years of engineering, manufacturing and servicing severe service valves.
  • Customer Support. From project execution to field service, their response is quick and supportive.
  • Industry Knowledge. They employ tenured industry experts and engineers with extensive field experience who understand their process and application.
  • Innovation & Design. Their history of partnering with plant and process engineers results in application specific designs.

Your Benefits

MOGAS customers benefit from proven process through:

  • Quality. Quality is ingrained into their culture and permeates through the entire organization. From start to finish, quality is non-negotiable.
  • Value. Their philosophy is to design valves for longevity so you have less downtime and the lowest cost of ownership.
  • Safety. Designed and tested to withstand fire and prevent fugitive emissions, MOGAS valves offer the lowest risk.
  • Performance Guarantee. Because of the MOGAS proven process and the benefits it yields, they offer a PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE. Years of continual valve performance analysis, field reports and statistical service data from around the globe provide the information required to guarantee a performance time period.

MOGAS Industries is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

On October 1, 2018, E.B. Horsman & Son announced the acquisition of Alberta-based company Measurement & Controls Ltd (MCL). MCL specializes in the distribution of instrumentation, specialty valves, and electrical solutions to some of the world’s largest companies in the process, industrial, manufacturing, and construction industries. In acquiring MCL, EBH is now the distributor of MOGAS Industries’ severe service technology.

Our Alberta (or PAC) team has a long history of working with MOGAS supporting servere service valving applications in extreme industrial applications. Their products are trusted and installed by some of the largest end users. Their application-specific designs ensure process integrity, uptime reliability and personnel safety, and result in the lowest cost of ownership. In short, MOGAS valves perform in the harshest environments so your company can too.

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