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About Opticom Technologies

Opticom Technologies Inc. was incorporated in 1973 and continues today as one of the oldest and most experienced CCTV companies. They specialize in video products for monitoring rugged industrial processes and commercial security applications. Their products are designed, specified, and manufactured by Opticom to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial and commercial applications. With 50 years of CCTV experience, Opticom established strong relationships with a worldwide network of leading edge OEM factories.

Opticom has been building video products for the past 50 years, which has resulted in a wealth of knowledge in CCTV and in specific industries that need them. Their staff attends classes, webinars and visit many sites to educate themselves on environments specific to our industrial and commercial video products. This helps ensure that their R&D, customer service, and sales departments are the best in the industry.


Why Opticom Technologies?

Opticom works hard to create ideal products for every application. They also strive to ensure their customers are more than satisfied with the product by offering exceptional customer service and post-sale support. Opticom builds and constantly improves its products to withstand the harsh demands and changing requirements of many jobsite applications. No matter what environment is or type of application, Opticom has a perfect product for the job and they guarantee that their products come with performance, assurance, quality and support you can count on.

Industries they service:

  • Sawmills/Wood Processing
  • Aggregate/Gravel Quarries
  • Transportation
  • Aeronautical Facilities
  • Agriculture
  • Production Plants
  • Petroleum
  • Security
  • Research Facilities
  • Military Installations
  • Marine
  • Mining

Opticom Product Offering

Industrial Videos

  • Industrial Cameras
  • Explosion Proof Series
  • HD-TVI Cameras
  • IP (Network) Cameras
  • Stainless Steel Cameras
  • Recording/Processing
  • LCD Monitors
  • Industrial Mounts
  • Wireless Video

Analog Video

  • Analog Cameras
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Wireless Video Kits

HD-TVI Cameras

  • HD-TVI Cameras
  • HD-TVI DVR’s

IP Video

  • IP (Network) Cameras
  • Network Video Recorders


  • LCD Monitors
  • LCD Test Monitors
  • LCD Monitor Enclosures
  • LCD Monitor Mount


  • Connectors
  • Video Baluns
  • Camera Brackets and Mounting

Opticom Technologies is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

Opticom has been a partner of E.B. Horsman & Son since 2010. When an industrial customer inquires about video products, we trust Opticom to have the latest technology. Their products are specialized, constantly evolving, reliable and carry robust industrial rating essential for any industrial market. Opticom’s service culture is also equal to E.B. Horsman’s and they make sure that our customers are taken care of. Whether it is training, implementation, issues, or questions this manufacturer has your back.


Looking for the right video products for your jobsite?

Our Data Communication Specialists are available to work with you to find the most suitable solution for your application. Contact us now.

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