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February 3, 2023


About Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group is a world leader in energy and telecoms systems. They offer a range of services and know-how in the business. Each year, the Group manufactures thousands of miles of underground and submarine cables and systems for power transmission and distribution. Additionally, they manufacture medium and low-voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure sectors. They also produce a comprehensive range of optical fibres, copper cables, and connectivity systems for voice, video, and data transmission for the telecommunications sector. Prysmian Group has a multi-brand architecture made of three levels: a strong Corporate Brand, Prysmian Group, which stands for the whole organization. It is the umbrella brand under which all the initiatives regarding the Group worldwide are carried out. The second level is three well-known Commercial Brands: Prysmian, Draka, and General Cable. The third level encompasses the wide range of product brands that serve all the markets and applications in which the Group operates.

Why Prysmian Group

Future Forward Solutions to Increase Energy Efficiency

Fibre is more energy efficient as it has enhanced stability and reliability. It has a longer lifespan due to its bend resistance and enhances its repair
resilience, meaning it has a longer expected network lifetime – particularly important in dynamic network environments. Fibre technology will save companies money and, more importantly, reduce the carbon footprint of the telecoms sector as less use of material.

Prysmian fibre solutions bring added benefits as they are future forward; this contributes to reducing energy consumption by changing networks from 5G to 6G for future generations, or Open RAN – which will not mean replacing full sets of equipment or adding new materials.

Prysmian solutions do this by offering:

  • Smaller connectivity devices – meaning easier installation and use of smaller ducts.
  • The optimized total cost of ownership – making networks quicker, easier to install, and more future-fit.
  • Pay as you grow to enhance scalability and reduce upgrade costs.
  • OPEX savings – thanks to easy installation and superior robustness.


Environmental Management and Monitoring

Prysmian Group also reports environmental impacts. These are consumption of energy and water; disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste; and greenhouse gas emissions linked to sources of energy:

  • Reduce water consumption in several countries around the globe – La Pointe, Canada, reduced water usage by perfecting an automatic dosage system that reduces the frequency of discharging and refilling; in Tetla, Mexico, water consumption was reduced by daily monitoring.
  • The efforts made to cut waste at plants are continuous. In Tetla, Mexico, a reduction of energy consumption occurred by optimizing machine start-ups and the hours of maximum usage; in Paragould, a new evaporator drastically reduced emulsion waste.
  • On greenhouse gas emissions: for four years, Prysmian Group has obtained a B score (on a scale of 8 values from A to D) in the CDP Climate Change Report as part of its Climate Change Program. Moreover, many of our EU plants have acquired Guarantee of Origin (GO) certificates for electrical energy to reduce their indirect GHG emissions. An ongoing process as the Prysmian Group is committed to delivering more and more plants.
  • Among the most important initiatives is in the area of the Group’s Pikkala plant, dedicated to producing cables for offshore wind farms. The plant will become the first net-zero plant. 100% of the energy used will be from certified renewable sources.



Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

As a partner of Prysmian Group, we trust their products will meet and exceed your expectations. Their unique portfolio provides our customers with relevant products and impressive designs. With Prysmian Group, our customers are getting the best from a company that focuses on future-forward thinking, high quality, and energy efficiency

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