30th August 2018


Who is SAB North America?

SAB North America is the North American sales, distribution and service center of Germany-based manufacturer SAB Bröckskes. SAB Bröckskes is a family-operated company founded in 1947 and is a leading manufacturer of cables and wires, cable harnesses and temperature measurement devices.

SAB has continued to be a world leader in wire and cable technology, from solving the markets most demanding applications to the most updated approvals across numerous industries in 40 countries around the world. Their testing facility and quality control standards are unmatched, ensuring their customers get the best wire and cable products for each application. Whether it is making special cables and customized versions for a specific industry, SAB has the solution. Their products also include cables that accompany robots’ every move with very good success.

SAB Products can be found in industries such as renewable energy, air traffic, automation, automotive, plastic processing, shipbuilding, harbour cranes, construction, medical and railway.

Why Choose SAB North America?

Product offering:

SAB North America produces cables for industrial control, continuous flex and torsion applications, high temperature and halogen free environments, as well as VFD, tray, data & category/ethernet cables.

  • Flexible Control
  • Continuos Flex
  • Special Cables
  • VFD Cables
  • Tray Cables
  • HAR Cord and H/U Wire
  • High Temperature Cables
  • Data Cables
  • CAT/BUS Cables
  • Halogen Free Cables
  • Robot & Servo
  • Cord Grips: Polyamide & Nickel Plated Brass



SAB’s engineers are on call to help design special cables that perfectly fit your application needs. Their engineers design up to 5 new cable designs per day! From hybrid cables with signal, Ethernet and power, together under one jacket to cables that need to withstand extreme environments, their capabilities are endless. With minimums as low as 1,000ft, creating the perfect solution is our mission.



SAB has an extensive testing lab to ensure product performance. They test all their jacket materials in oils, coolants and varying temperatures along with mechanical tests, such as elongation and tensile strength. SAB also tests for dynamic applications such as continuous flexing, reeling and torsion.


Value Added Services:

  • Cut to length/bulk reels
  • Free drop shipments
  • No cut charges
  • No metal surcharges
  • No order minimums
  • Free shipping for orders over $2500
  • Same-day shipments

SAB North America is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

E.B. Horsman has partnered with SAB North America knowing that SAB will provide our customers with a variety of cables for any industrial application. Their strength is not only in standard products but also innovative products developed and manufactured to customers’ unique specification.

Contact us to order SAB cables for your next industrial project:

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