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January 19, 2023


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About Nova Pole International INC

Nova Pole International Inc is a Canadian-owned company incorporated in 1986. They provide high-quality, cost-effective volume producers of infrastructure poles. The company designs, manufactures, and markets tubular steel and aluminum poles as well as lighting accessories for commerical use. These are crucial in highways, street lighting, traffic signals, overhead traffic signage, electrical distribution, transmission towers, wireless communication towers, high mast and sport lighting poles, transit poles, solar lighting, and wind tower poles. Additionally, they have an extensive line of decorative streetscape lighting poles and bases.

Why Nova Pole International INC


Certified, Trusted and Customized Products and Designs


Nova Pole is certified to the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Standards, and to the very high standards of the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB).

In addition, our products are certified to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  The company also designs and fabricates according to AASHTO standard specifications. With extensive state of the art manufacturing facilities in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, supported by a large department of highly qualified full time engineers on staff to provide detailed structural engineering design, the company is able to offer a full range of infrastructure needs, as well as custom designs.


Renowned for Achieving Excellence 


Nova Pole has been recognized with the prestigious Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Engineering Excellence as an important partner for the success of the $1.6 Billion-Port Mann/Hwy #1 Improvement Project — the largest transportation construction project in British Columbia’s history.


Innovative Features to Make Poles Last


Nova Tuff is a unique value-added Powder Coating specifically formulated for street lights and traffic poles. Some of the benefits of this coating include long-term corrosion protection, abrasion and impact resistance from sand and salt, strong electrical insulation properties, and being environmentally friendly with no VOCs.

Nova Pole International Inc continues to provide their customers with leading edge techonolgy and high qualilty products.

Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

Nova Pole International Inc and E.B. Horsman & Son are two proudly Canadian-owned businesses. As a partner of Nova Pole International Inc, we trust their products will meet and exceed your expectations. Their unique portfolio provides our customers with relevant products and striking designs. With Nova Pole International INC, our customers are getting the best from a company that focuses on growth, high quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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