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January 20, 2022


About nVent

nVent is a global leader in enclosures, electric heat-tracing solutions, complete heat-management systems, and electrical and fastening solutions. They design, manufacture, market, install, and service high-performance products and solutions that connect and protect some of the world’s most sensitive equipment, buildings, and critical processes. With their products, customers can protect their systems in facilities where the cost of failure is very high. As a customer-focused brand, nVent helps its customers to enhance productivity and reduce their cost of ownership by simplifying installations and minimizing downtime during operations.


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Why nVent


nVent’s robust portfolio of leading electrical product brands


CADDY – Provides simple, intuitive solutions that make the job sites safer and more efficient for electrical contractors


ERICO – electrical solutions ideal for commercial, industrial, utility, rail, alternative energy, and telecom industries offering a breadth of reliable grounding. Furthermore, they provide bonding and lightning protection.


HOFFMAN – specializes in electrical enclosures to protect and connect people and equipment in many environments.


RAYCHEM – Electrical heat tracing solutions from nVent for industrial, commercial, and residential uses.


SCHROFF – offers electrical cabinets and server cabinets, chassis for embedded computing systems, and printed circuit board and accessories.


TRACER – specializes in electrical heat tracing systems and providing turnkey project services.


Connect and Protect a More Sustainable and Electrified World


Energy efficiency with precision liquid cooling – nVent uses precision liquid cooling solutions to regulate heat in data center server racks and keep IT equipment at suitable operating temperatures. These liquid cooling solutions can increase processing while minimizing environmental impact by allowing more servers to fit in a single enclosure and use energy more effectively.
It can reduce or eliminates the need for facility air handling and power consumed by air handling by 40-60%. Due to this, data centers use less energy on facility operations and cooling and more on running IT equipment.


Recognized sustainability efforts – By placing in the top 9 percent of companies assessed in the industry and 85 percentiles of all companies evaluated by EcoVadis, nVent was Awarded the EcoVadis sustainability award in the silver category.


Solar power application technology – nVent plays a critical role in combining multiple energy strings and protecting the entire operation from environmental threats. Since nVent creates non-metallic enclosures, these are perfect for solar energy applications, including the exterior of combiner boxes.Non-metallic materials can be more durable and corrosion-resistant, making them better suited for solar fields in harsh conditions. Moreover, they offer better insulation from the sun, an essential consideration since the equipment for solar energy is in hot, sunny locations.



Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

nVent and E.B. Horsman & Son have been partners for the past 20+ years. nVent’s ‘Customer First’ edict means they are committed to making it easy for customers & partners to do business with them. As an Vent partner, we trust their products and services will meet and exceed your expectations.

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