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February 3rd, 2023


Panasonic facility

About Panasonic Canada Inc.

Panasonic Canada Inc. opened its doors in 1967 as a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation of North America, supplying comprehensive solutions across different industries. With over 2000 products and solutions, the company strives to meet the consumer’s needs through innovation, sustainability, and technology. Focusing on its four main divisions— consumer, enterprise solutions, life and device solutions, and integrated services— Panasonic continues to grow while delivering efficiency, reliability, and durability.

Why Panasonic Canada Inc.?

1. Innovation

Panasonic continuously looks for solutions that will meet the customer’s expectations. With its Breathe Well energy recovery ventilators, Panasonic provides fresh air to businesses and homeowners and high-quality products that are reliable and durable. Its fans are highly efficient and quiet, with a unique motor design, selective application, and a wide blower wheel, providing proper ventilation. As a consumer-focused business, Panasonic aims to provide a healthier and more productive lifestyle to its customers.


2. Sustainability

Panasonic is committed to improving the environment by implementing sustainable procedures in its business activities. As a leader in sustainability, one of its goals is to reduce the energy used and carbon dioxide emissions in its production processes. With several factories around the world being CO2-free, Panasonic’s achievement is due to its efforts to find sustainable solutions such as solar power generation systems, reduced operational losses, and efficient equipment. As they expand, Panasonic remains committed to the environment.


3. Technology

Panasonic integrates the latest technology into its processes, creating value and solutions to global challenges. Their “better life” philosophy is at the core of everything they do. The company aims to provide convenient and comfortable lifestyles to its customers. With its ECONAVI technology, Panasonic’s products save electricity by detecting wasted electricity. This is one example of how Panasonic advances, combining technology and expertise.

Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

At E.B. Horsman & Son, we trust you will have a better life with Panasonic Canada Inc.’s ventilation systems. Combining technology, innovation, and sustainability, Panasonic is a leading manufacturer in the industry. We strive to deliver the best service and products to our customers, and we are able to do that through Panasonic Canada Inc. As you look for your next ventilation system, look for Panasonic’s energy recovery ventilators.


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