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April 21, 2020

About Siemens Fire

Siemens Fire draws on more than 100 years of experience in building technology. The company was founded in 1847 by Warner Von Siemens when he started the business with his design for the pointer telegraph. Warner laid the foundation for today’s Siemens AG Business. With nine production sites around the globe, Siemens is on the cutting edge of research and development of new products and solutions. Siemens believes in “Creating perfect places” with ingenuity, technology, products, solutions, services innovation, people and commitment. Siemens is proud to be a leader in the Fire Safety industry by consistently introducing and inventing cutting-edge products. Only tested and reliable products are released into the marketplace.

Why Siemens Fire

Business and Marketing Strategies

Siemens Fire has total building solutions for small offices, campuses, and multi-building solutions. Products work together to create a fully tailor-made integrated fire protection system. They are committed to supporting you throughout the entire life cycle of setting up your building’s safety. Alarms detect dangers early on so that you have enough time to evacuate safely. Siemens has invested in your customers’ lives, it’s their priority to make sure that the alarms are reliable for your welfare.


Product Offerings

The alarming and evacuation solutions by Siemens offer more than the UL standard requires. Innovative alarming and evacuation solutions are based on new insights and inventions, thus delivering effective results.

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