January 19th, 2023


About Siemens Process Instrumentation

Siemens Process Instrumentation offers you innovative, single-source measurement solutions to increase plant efficiency and enhance product quality. Our intelligent instruments are also designed for seamless interplay with the larger world of industrial automation and control systems – enabling greater process transparency and smarter decisions for your business.

Why SIEMENS Process & Instrumentation?

Precise process control for all applications – in every industry

Regardless of your industry, maintaining high efficiency and quality is only possible when you start at the field level with precise, transparent process measurements. Siemens offers intelligent instrumentation solutions for every application.

Siemens Process Instrumentation refers to a range of industrial instrumentation products offered by Siemens. These products are designed for use in process industries, such as chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, food and beverage, and water and wastewater treatment.

The Siemens Process Instrumentation portfolio includes a wide range of instruments and systems for measuring and controlling various process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, and level. Some of the commonly used products in the portfolio include:

  1. Flow measurement instruments such as electromagnetic, ultrasonic, and Coriolis flowmeters
  2. Level measurement instruments such as radar and ultrasonic level transmitters
  3. Pressure measurement instruments such as pressure transmitters and switches
  4. Temperature measurement instruments such as thermocouples, RTDs, and temperature transmitters

Siemens also offers a range of automation and control solutions that can integrate with its process instrumentation products, enabling customers to optimize their industrial processes and improve productivity.


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