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March 27th, 2019


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About Socomec

Founded in 1922 by engineer Joseph Siat, Socomec was established in Benfield under the name of Société des Ateliers de Constructions Électromécaniques du Bas-Rhin (lower Electro -Mechanical Manufacturing company). The company worked on producing and selling switches, fuse links, fuses, bells, and rotisseries.

The company switched its focus to more specific equipment early on in the business: changeover switches, transformer, rheostat-regulators and high breaking capacity fuse links. Naming changed in 1953 to what we know today as Socomec.

Why Choose Socomec?

Our switching systems comprise devices that are essential for electrical installations. Installed at all levels of the distribution circuit, their function is to secure and isolate parts of the network or electrical equipment. Available in:

  • Non-Fusible disconnect switch for AC and DC applications (UL508, UL 508i, UL 98, UL 98B) 16-2000A
  • Fusible disconnect switch (UL489 & 98) 30-800A
  • Enclosed disconnect switch (UL508 & 98) 16-1,200A
  • Manual transfer switch (UL1008 & UL98) 100-1,200A
  • Non-Automatic transfer switch (UL1008) 100- 1,200A
  • Mounting and cabling accessories (UL recognized)

Socomec is a Trusted Partner of E.B. Horsman & Son

For nearly a century, Socomec has acquired the expertise to provide the most innovative solutions to ensure the energy performance of electrical installations.

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