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October 20th, 2020


About Venmar

The superior quality of Venmar is what makes them a leading manufacturer and distributor of ventilation systems in Canada. Founded in 1978, they have been continuously raising the bar for improve efficiency, performance, and durability. Indoor air quality is key in maintaining good health and ensuring comfort and well-being at home or at work.

Venmar Central Vacuums

Besides eliminating dust with vacuums they are also helpful in eliminating allergens, reducing symptoms associated with allergies or respiratory disease.

Venmar has three sizes of central vacuum systems, each one designed to fit different needs. The 700VF1 and 650VF1 models are have HEPA filters, an efficient component that filters particles for maximum cleanliness. The 550VF1 compact model is designed for convenience and efficiency, perfect for tight spaces.


Venmar – Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

If you’re looking to improve your residential or commercial air quality, Venmar has the solution for you.

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