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February 6th, 2023


About Wiremold Canada Inc.

Wiremold is the largest provider of end-to-end wire and cable management. As a leading company, Wiremold’s products include floor boxes, poke-thru devices, raceway and cord covers, ceiling and wall boxes, outdoor power, furniture power and table boxes, and poles and columns. The products are designed to improve the customer’s experience by providing access to power wherever they are. With over 100 years of presence in the market, Wiremold delivers reliability, dependability, and durability into every product.

Why Wiremold Canada Inc.?

1. Committed to limiting emissions

Wiremold is committed to mitigating environmental damages, utilizing its products’ conscious designs and manufacturing procedures. Registered under the PEP (product environmental profiles) ecopassport, Wiremold provides reliable and accurate product information. They have published more than 63 PEPs that cover over 1000 SKUs and over 10 HPDs (health product declarations), delivering transparency and trust to their customers.


2. Innovating to deliver power

Wiremold’s products are carefully crafted to meet users’ needs and provide access to power, communication, and A/V services. With their solution-focused products, Wiremold delivers easy access to power wherever you are. With the outdoor power pedestals, customers can enjoy the fresh outdoor air, allowing them to charge their devices. Moreover, Wiremold’s ADA compliant for wheelchair Poke-Thru Devices deliver power to workstations, reducing the mess of unseen wiring. These are some of the products that make Wiremold a leading manufacturer in cable management.


3. Supplying durable products

As time goes on, products tend to wear off. This happens with most poke-thru covers, especially in a high-trafficked area. With over 100 years of expertise, Wiremold is aware of these challenges, creating products that last longer. After rigorous tests, Wiremold introduced their new Durable Finishes line of poke-thru device covers. These products last four times longer due to their design, combining metal layering and protective clear powder coating.

Trusted by E.B. Horsman & Son

At E.B. Horsman & Son, we want to ensure our customers receive the best products. With Wiremold’s products, our customers can connect to power, communication, and A/V services, whether outdoors or indoors. Their products are designed to last longer and are crafted for a connected world. If you want power and charging, easy-to-install, right where it’s needed, Wiremold has the right product. Our E.B. Horsman & Son staff can help you choose the best solution for your needs.

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