Celebrating Innovation: BCIT’s Student Innovation Challenge Sparks a Wave of Creativity


Student innovation challenge

Student Innovation Challenge

Each year, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) ignites a spark of innovation among its students through the Student Innovation Challenge Pitch Ceremony. This event serves as a platform for students from various disciplines to showcase their creativity and expertise. This year, the stage was set for 9 entries to present in front of a distinguished panel of industry sponsors and BCIT’s School of Business and Media Dean.

The Pitch round was a culmination of months of hard work and dedication, with each finalist presenting their groundbreaking ideas. From applied research initiatives to sustainable solutions and entrepreneurial ventures, the diversity of talent displayed highlighted innovation and excellence across all its six schools.

For aspiring entrepreneurs and inventors, this event serves as an opportunity to bring their visions to life and make a tangible impact on industries and communities.

Congratulations to the winners!

The day ended with an Awards Ceremony, where students were recognized for their achievements in the categories of Applied Research, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.

Applied Research

1st Place: Elbow Extensor Aid by Mutjaba Saloojee and Mason Breshna

2nd Place: Dry-Tape Transformer Load Distribution Optimization in Commercial Buildings by Hardeep Atwal, Bhumika Arora, Marcus Reford and Omar Kebedov

3rd Place: SilhouetteSync by Kieran MacCarraon, Anton Babiy, Myles Parfeniul and On Kang


1st Place: Budget Eats by Hairun Huang

2nd Place: SafeScan Drone Analytics by Andrey Lykov

3rd Place: Bumper Dumper by Logan Murray


1st Place: To Sea Beneath by Valerie Billard

2nd Place: FishCenS V2 by Luis Vargas, Weihao Dai, Tristan Huen and Jonathan Sinnathamby

3rd Place: Wind Turbine Charge Controller by Garnett Goodacre, Kurt Querengesser, Seung Uk Lee and Michael Dao


Learn more about the winners and their projects here.

Celebrating Innovation

E.B. Horsman is proud to be part of this transformative event. By empowering students to explore their ideas and turn them into tangible solutions, this event not only shapes the future of industries but also cultivates the next generation of leaders and visionaries.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners! E.B. Horsman is honoured to stand alongside these bright minds, and we are committed to fostering environments where innovative ideas flourish and transformative solutions emerge.

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Celebrating Innovation: BCIT’s Student Innovation Challenge Sparks a Wave of Creativity

EB Horsman is proud to support groundbreaking ideas at BCIT’s Student Innovation Challenge. From applied research to entrepreneurship, witness creativity shaping the