Celebrate National Small Business Day With EB Horsman – May 10th, 2024

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Celebrating the Heart of the Economy: National Small Business Day

At the heart of every small business is a narrative — a story of dedication, resilience, and intent. Whether it’s an electrician offering services in local neighbourhoods, a firm specializing in large-scale electrical contracting, or a small shop pioneering sustainable energy solutions, each venture is a reflection of the dreams and goals of its creators. National Small Business Day is an opportunity to honour these endeavours.


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E.B. Horsman Beginnings


Beyond their economic contributions, electrical contractors and electricians are vital parts of the community fabric, creating bonds, fostering connections, and enhancing a sense of belonging. They are the places where neighbours become friends, where local electricians share their expertise, and approaches to energy solutions. National Small Business Day is a chance to celebrate this community spirit, recognizing the role that these businesses play in uniting people and cultivating a collective sense of identity and pride.

Electricians and electrical contractors are vital to the electrical industry. They often fill niche roles or serve specific local or regional markets that larger companies may overlook. These smaller entities are agile, able to adapt quickly to new technologies or shifts in market demand. Moreover, they are crucial for fostering innovation, often implementing and testing new techniques and technologies at a smaller scale before they are adopted industry-wide. Small business electricians also play a significant role in training and employing local workforce, contributing to community development and economic stability. Their personalized service and deep community ties enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, ensuring that electrical services remain grounded in the needs and preferences of the communities they serve.

Thank you from EB Horsman to all the Electricians and Electrical Contractors in Western Canada

On this National Small Business Day, EB Horsman extends our thanks to all the dedicated electricians and electrical contractors. Your hard work and expertise not only keep our lights on but also drive our community forward. As your local electrical distributor, we are proud to support your efforts and are grateful for the opportunity to partner with such skilled and dependable professionals. Thank you for powering our homes, businesses, and everything in between. Your commitment to excellence does not go unnoticed, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to light up our community.

Are you a small business or existing customer? Let us know how we can better serve you and foster a better community for the electrical industry.

Steve Crocker, New Chief Revenue Officer

EB Horsman & Son is delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Crocker as the New Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), effective May 16,

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