Support Small Business Saturday on Nov 26th, 2023

Support Small Business Saturday in The Electrical Industry

Get ready to celebrate Small Business Saturday on November 25th. It’s time to dust off your wallets and put on your shopping caps. While some might be thinking about snagging the latest fashion trends or scoring gourmet goodies, our electrically charged hearts are pounding with excitement about what this special day holds for the electrical industry.


Community Connection:

One of the best things about supporting small businesses is the strong sense of community they foster. When you shop at your local electrical store, you’re not just buying products; you’re investing in your neighbourhood.


J4 Electric is one of our customers that displays great community involvement.  They are a family owned and operated business out of Campbell River, BC. The owner Jeff has been an electrician for over 15 years. Together him and his wife spent 9 years of their life together In Grande Prairie with Jeff working in the oilfield doing electrical and instrumentation. 

In 2019 they decided to sell everything and travel in an RV to combat the long weeks Jeff worked away. They began their journey in northern BC and worked their way up towards Yukon where they spent a few months and then trickled their way down to the island. During covid their international plans were put to a halt which is what eventually lead them to Vancouver island. After travelling during this time they fell in love with Campbell River and decided to make it home. Jeff started to work on a few electrical jobs to fill in some time which lead to the creation of J4 Electric. J4 comes from the names of their family. As they all start with J. Jeff, Jody, Jaxon, and Jagger! 

His wife Jody creates all the marketing you see for J4 Electric and also does the books. With her social media marketing background it’s been a pivotal growth point for their company. 

While they didn’t make it all the way on their destined travels, they found their forever home they were looking for. Both their boys are active in many sports and have many friends in the community. “This is where we want to be!”. You can follow their journey here on Facebook or Instagram!

Sparking Innovation:

Small electrical businesses are often the breeding grounds for innovation. From revolutionary smart home solutions to energy-efficient power distribution systems, these small enterprises are the sparks that ignite the industry’s advancement. By supporting them on Small Business Saturday, you’re helping fund their pioneering projects and making the future brighter for us all.


Amped-Up Expertise:

Working with local electricians means you’re dealing with passionate, knowledgeable experts who eat, sleep, and breathe volts and amps. Have a complex wiring problem at home? Need advice on how to reduce your electricity bill? These experts can provide solutions and tips that might just leave you electrified with newfound knowledge.


Safety First:

Electrical businesses provide quality products, but they can also offer valuable safety advice. Whether it’s choosing the right smoke detectors, surge protectors, or electrical outlets, they’ll ensure your home is electrically safe. Remember, electrical safety is no joke, and these businesses have your back.


Let’s come together, power up our local businesses, and light up Small Business Saturday with an electrifying bang! Want to be featured in our next blog? Email us at

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