25th March 2020


Surrey, B.C. – E.B. Horsman & Son (EBH) is delighted to share the news that IPEX Inc. was chosen as the 2019 Supplier of the Year.

Blair Bechthtold, Regional Sales Manager Western Canada for IPEX, was presented with the award on March 3rd, 2020 at E.B. Horsman & Son’s Annual General Meeting and AD Field Marketing Summit.

“We closely examined the sales, operations, branch coverage and collaboration, marketing campaigns, and other key performance indicators to assess our suppliers’ operational excellence,” said Tyson Carvell, E.B. Horsman & Son, VP of Marketing. “We also opened up the selection process this year to involve our branches and head office staff to get feedback and gather a good representation of supplier performance.”

Over the past year, IPEX has demonstrated tremendous growth and support for our branches and head office to deliver an outstanding customer experience; from product quality, sales and shipping support to product and after-sale support.

IPEX is more than a trusted AD supplier partner; they are also a customer of our Langley and Edmonton branches. Our staff enjoy working and interacting with the sales reps and the office staff at IPEX.

We are proud to choose IPEX as our 2019 Supplier of the Year.

IPEX Recieving Award at E.B. Horsman’s Annual General Meeting 2020
From left, Tyson Carvell, Todd Taverner, Tim Horsman, Jesse Reshetylo, Blair Bechthold, Reg Galati, Juri Vuletin, & Wade Emmons.

About IPEX Inc.

As the leader in thermoplastic piping systems, the IPEX companies design and manufacture the largest, most recognized and diverse range of integrated piping products – Everything professionals need to manage the full spectrum of today’s municipal, industrial, commercial and residential challenges. IPEX companies offer a comprehensive range of thermoplastic materials, products and accessories for a wide spectrum of demanding markets and applications. From systems that convey water, chemicals and gases, to conduit that carries power and data cabling.


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