E.B. Horsman & Son’s Distribution Centre does some pretty amazing things, with some pretty amazing people.

Our centralized Distribution Centre, located in Surrey, BC does some pretty amazing things. Can we nail down why it all works? Yes! We characterized several key factors that contribute to its efficiency, effectiveness, and ability to meet customer demands.

People: Hiring the right staff is the first step in ensuring high levels of customer service, and we definitely do that, our staff is awesome!

Location:  Our distribution centre is strategically positioned to minimize transportation costs and reduce delivery times.

Infrastructure and Layout: The layout of our DC is well-designed for optimal flow of goods. This includes considerations for storage, picking and packing zones, loading docks, and future automation.

Inventory Management: Implementing effective inventory management using our WMS software helps us keep track of inventory.  We integrate a 3-tier count plan within our software.  We’ve ditched the year-end inventory tradition because, guess what? Our auditors high-fived us and said, “No need!” The accuracy levels are sky-high. And hey, we’re not stopping there – Our team has superhero powers to provide comprehensive control solutions for project management of customer-owned goods as well.

Quality Assurance: Accuracy is our #1 KPI at the DC with a 99.953% picking accuracy rate, using RF scanners, inventory reconciliation staff, and a robust warehouse training program we can confirm the correct items are being picked.

Efficient Order Fulfillment: Quick and accurate order fulfillment is crucial. Our DC achieves efficient picking through placing product in the warehouse racking using velocity and pick path data. We also combine picks through the WMS software for efficient order fulfillment. In the small goods area we pick all twenty branches in one pass. Picking in zones also helps in this area. We ship every customer order and branch transfer everyday, combined that would be 2500+ lines per day.

Distribution: Shipping to every branch daily, combined with timed delivery windows, ensures that products reach customers promptly. Cross-docking and daily pickups from local suppliers contribute to the overall smoothness of distribution operations.

Scalability: Our distribution centre is designed to handle value add fluctuations for our ISG group, and project management support on demand. It is scalable to accommodate increased inventory volumes and order frequencies during peak season without compromising efficiency.

Branch Network: We have 22 locations, Head office/distribution centre, divisional office, and 20 branch locations across Western Canada.



Data Analytics and Insights: We utilize data analytics that provide insights into operational performance, root cause analysis, process documentation, that help identify areas for improvement. This data-driven approach can lead to informed decision-making, optimized processes, and training opportunities.

Employee Training: We have a robust training program that assures consistency within our core processes. A well-trained workforce is essential for smooth operations and we train our team to be successful. We provide ongoing training for warehouse staff to improve their skills, which results in reduced errors, and enhances safety measures. Every day, our team of 35+ carries out their work with a strong sense of pride

Safety and Compliance: Occupational safety and compliance with regulations are paramount, we strive to create a safe working environment that not only protects employees but also prevents disruptions due to accidents or regulatory issues.

Customer-Centric Approach: Our successful DC focuses on meeting customer needs, both internally (our branch network) and externally. This includes accurate order tracking, responsive customer service, and flexible delivery and pickup options.



Sustainability: Our zero-emission & paperless distribution centre focuses on our company-side mandate of eco-friendly practices, such as energy-efficient technologies and waste reduction initiatives. Our fleet of 31 warehouse equipment is electric and our green initiative recycles cardboard, plastics, used pallets, metal and organics.

Continuous Improvement: The distribution centre is ISO certified and is always seeking ways to improve processes. We regularly review operations with staff, analyze key performance indicators (KPIs), review process documentation, and implement changes based on data and staff feedback to drive quality assurance and productivity gains. 

Our business revolves around our centralized hub in Surrey, B.C. Our dedicated team ensures its seamless operation, while our valued customers are the heart of our existence. 

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