ABB Complete Range of Approved Grounding & Lugs

Complete Range For Solid Connections

ABB offers IEC & UL/CSA approved compression lugs in metric and imperial American Wire Gauge sizes. All systems utilize compression tools with matching dies that form connector & wire to provide an optimum electrical bond between connector & conductor.


The ABB Color-Keyed System Provides The Best & Most Reliable Connection.


Color Keyed® is a system solution designed to meet the UL & IEC Class A testing requirements. ABB Color-Keyed® lugs are made of 99.9% pure, oxygen-free copper. The Color-Keyed® color coded crimping system assures the right die is used with the right lug resulting in an accurate, reliable crimp. Color-Keyed® dies are designed to produce a circumferential, hex- or diamond-shaped compression rather than a simple indent resulting in assured high conductivity, exceeding IEC 61238-1 and UL standards. Circumferential compression creates large area of high pressure contact between cable and connector which in turn results in low resistance and high pull-out values.

ABB Blackburn Grounding Systems

ABB’s grounding solutions are designed to make the task of fastening, protecting, insulating and connecting wires easier and quicker for industrial applications, constructions, communications, utility and OEM professionals as well as do-it-yourself specialists.

Blackburn® compression, mechanical and exothermic connectors and accessories are the most recent set of products in the industry for the creation of a safe, code-compliant and reliable grounding system.

Direct Burial – Blackburn Compression products are compliant with IEEE 837, UL467 and CSA 22.2 and applicable sections of the NEC and can be used in direct burial or concrete encased applications.

Broad Line – No Special Tooling – Blackburn mechanical grounding connectors provide an extensive array of options for grid points and, with no training or special tools required for installation, they are an extraordinarily flexible solution.

Exothermic Solutions – Opt for Blackburn exothermic welding products for molecular bonding with the lowest resistance and greatest durability in high-quality copper-to-copper or copper-to-steel connections.

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