July 2020


Use the smart timer function to schedule when your lights turn on and off. You can setup geofencing and have your lights turn on or off by setting a parameter for when you leaving or arriving home. No wire solutions are available, simply purchase the placeholder for the switch and place the Caséta switch into place, then sync it up with your lamp of choice. You can get a pico remote too for easier access to lights while home.

Setting up is simple, plug in the Smart Bridge Pro device into a Wi-Fi router to access control of your lights, shades, and temperature using the Lutron App. The Smart Bridge Pro has a 30ft radius, and a repeater is avaialbe to extend the range of control by an additional 60ft.


Why Choose Caséta for Your Smart Connected Home:


Getting started is easy

It takes just a few minutes to install your Caséta Wireless lighting control system. And once you have got your system up and running you can seamlessly expand beyond lighting to other connected home solutions.

Easy to Expand your Smart Home System

The system can be expanded and integrated with best-in-class products available from partners like Amazon, Apple, Sonos and Xfinity to incorporate the best Smart Home technology into your home

Ultra-reliable System

Caséta Wireless features Lutron’s patented Clear Connect® technology, which sets the bar for reliable wireless performance. Its quiet frequency band is free of interference, so your Caséta Wireless dimmers are not affected by other wireless products. It just works!

Lutron Clear Connect

Caséta Smart Home Control Features:


Sun down. Lights up. With scheduling, Caséta works better than clockwork. It adjusts as sunset changes throughout the season to bathe your house in light whenever it gets dark.


Personalized Scenes

Need to set a mood for your room? Create different lighting scenes by setting differnet dimmer brightnesses for occasions such as movie, dinner, or game nights.


Smart Away

Keep your home protected by using Smart Away by turning your lights on and off while you are away. Use this feature when you’re going out for the night or taking a long-deserved trip.


Multiple Controls

Stay comfortably in control from anywhere. Manage Caséta effortlessly with dimmers, Pico® remotes, the mobile app or use voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.



Get an alert when you head out, indicating you’ve left the lights on — and be welcomed with light when you arrive home. All based on your location.


Voice-Activated Convenience

“Alexa, dim the lights.” “Ok Google, all lights out.” “Siri, kitchen lights on!” Caséta integrates seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit to give you hands free control of your lighting. Life just got simpler.

Installing the Caséta

Step 1: Install Caséta dimmers


Step 2: Connect the Ethernet cable and power cord to the Smart Bridge Pro. The Smart Bridge Pro allows you to access control through the Lutron app.




Step 3: Download the Lutron App and create scheduled events




Choosing a Dimmer for the Caséta

With no polarity for line or load wiring you can take advantage of mistake proof wiring. Purchase a Pico remote to connect additional dimmers in your household. There are three options available for the Caséta:

  • Regular dimmer, compatible with dimmable LEDs (up to 150 W), halogen and incandescent bulbs (up to 600 W)
  • Dimmer PRO works with approved dimmable LEDs (up to 250 W), halogen and incandescent bulbs (up to 1000 W).and Dimmer ELV+
  • Dimmer ELV+ is compatible with all load types—dimmer is phase selective

Pico Remote Control

Using a remote control adds convenience, no wiring required. Pico Remotes allow easy access to swtiches without having to use your phone. There are three options to choose from:

  • 3-scene control — create three different scenes, as well as turn all lights off
  • 2-group switch control — control two groups of lights independently from one another
  • Dimming control—same functionality (full on/off and raise/lower) as standard Pico remote control, but in a 4-button aesthetic

Full Service Options for every household

HomeKit-enabled ceiling fans

Wireless thermostats

remote control for audio

You can fully automate your household by expanding the Caséta beyond lighting. The Lutron app and Pico Control can pair with ceiling fans, thermostats, and speakers. The Lutron app allows you to take control of your home wherever you want. Smart features of the app include:

  • notifications on their smart device if they’ve left lights on when they leave home
  • a geofencing feature to automatically turn lights on as you arrive home/turn them off as they leave
  • create a lived-in look with the “Smart Away” feature, which allows you to pick several lights that will randomly turn on/off in the evening when you’re away.



Starter Caséta Package


  • Works with the Lutron® App (via a Smart Bridge™ or Smart Bridge™ Pro)
  • Enables control and scheduling of lights from the Lutron® app when paired with a Smart Bridge
  • 600 W for incandescent load and 150 W for CFL/LED Load
  • For multi-location installations
  • Works with Pico® remote control

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