Comac Sanitation Faucet & ULVC System

December 2020


Hand Drying Faucet 2-in-1

Comacs Sani-Divisions generation 2-in-1 faucet and hand dryer was built to furnish all bath/washrooms. Using infrared sensors, the new zero contact faucet allows both washing and drying your hands without ever touching anything.

Water passes through a UV lighting cleaning system before exiting. Temperatures can be set to your preferred comfort. Two Hepa Filter dryers are on the side, allowing you to dry your hands without having to leave the sink.

The Comac 2-in-1 faucet is easy to install and ideal for airports, restaurants, offices, school, retail, and any/all other public areas or high traffic areas.

UV Disinfectant Systems

Germs are commonly found in high-contact areas, objects and surfaces that individuals touch the most. Common places germs dwell include doorknobs, table tops, and light switches. Unclean surfaces allow germs to breed and become easy exposure points for cross-contamination. The Comac ULVC system uses both ultraviolet lighting and a misting system that can fully clean up to 1500 square feet in 15 minutes. It is easy to install, simply plug it into the wall. with simple programming, you can disinfect a room at your convenience using the remote control provided

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