Lowering Your Residential Costs with Energy Star Certification


living room with lights on left and cars plugged into ev charger on right

Energy Efficiency With ENERGY STAR Products at E.B. Horsman

October 11th is ENERGY STAR Day, a day to promote the vital role of energy efficiency in Canada’s fight against climate change and applaud the remarkable achievements of our participants, stakeholders, and citizens in conserving energy. Today, let’s celebrate everything related to ENERGY STAR as we continue to bolster Canada’s energy efficiency endeavors!

At E.B. Horsman, we have all the right ENERGY STAR-certified products for your homes, buildings, or industrial facilities, ensuring reduced energy usage and emissions combating climate change.


Intelligent Climate Control With HoneyWell Thermostats

Honeywell smart thermostats come equipped with energy-saving features. They can learn your heating and cooling preferences over time and automatically adjust settings to optimize energy efficiency. Additionally, you can easily control your temperature remotely through smartphone apps, allowing you to adjust temperature settings, set schedules, and monitor your HVAC systems from anywhere with an internet connection.

Honeywell TH140-28-01-B/U Programmable Electronic Thermostat, +/-1 deg F per Day, 7 Per Week

Honeywell TH115-A-240D-B/U Programmable Electronic Thermostat, +/-1 deg F per Day, 7 Per Week

white thermostat with temperature reading 21.5

Energy-Saving Lighting Solutions

ENERGY STAR-certified models outperform standard models with an average energy savings of 75% and a remarkable 10-fold increase in lifespan. Lighting that is ENERGY STAR-certified lowers your energy bills and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact!

Halo Field Selectable color temperature (3 colors)

    • K, 3000K, 3500K

    • 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

    • 4000K, 5000K, 6000K

    • Color accuracy of 4 step at the ends, 7 step in the middle



Halo 12.4W 6″ LED Lens Downlight with Remote Driver and Junction Box, 120V

white circular lighting fixture

Halo 10.1W 4″ LED Lens Downlight with Remote Driver and Junction Box, 120 VAC

white circular lighting fixture

Why Leviton EV Chargers?

Leviton recognizes that renewable energy is part of our collective future. As plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) become more and more popular, there is an increased demand for access to charging stations in commercial and residential spaces.

Leviton EV chargers are ideal for commercial and residential areas. They are available in bollard and wall-mount configurations for easy installation anywhere and offer management solutions such as data collection and usage metering.

  • Fast and secure charging of any SAE J1772TM compatible electric vehicle
  • Optional access control: The station comes with RFID disabled – simply tap the RFID card to activate
  • The cable design prevents the cord from freezing and cracking in extreme weather
  • For indoor and outdoor use with a thermoplastic, water-resistant enclosure rated NEMA Type 3R
  • Easy installation with pre-attached input cable and mounting hardware included

Leviton 48 A Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station with RFID

ev charger with black cord wrapped in charger

Leviton 80 A Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station with WiFi

ev charger with black cord wrapped in charger

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Steve Crocker, New Chief Revenue Officer

EB Horsman & Son is delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Crocker as the New Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), effective May 16,