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Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) offers a variety of dry-type transformers, filters, and reactors that no other transformer manufacturer can match. In fact, our catalogs offer thousands of standard transformers from 50VA to 34 MVA.

With multiple manufacturing facilities located throughout North America, we have expanded our manufacturing and product base to offer you the broadest range of both standard and custom reactors, transformers, and filters.

Our engineering database contains over one million designs ranging from the smallest control transformers to the largest dry-type transformers manufactured. Our customers have come to rely on EB Horsman & Hammond for support at the most critical stages of their needs. Hammond’s stability and integrity as a supplier are paramount in an industry where demands must be resolved quickly and effectively. HPS has grown to become the largest dry-type transformer manufacturer in North America.

Control & Automation Products

Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) offers a comprehensive range of Control & Automation products designed to meet various industrial and commercial needs.

Drive Isolation Transformers:

Low Efficiency: These transformers are designed to withstand overcurrent conditions and provide the necessary voltage change for both AC and DC variable speed drives. They ensure electrical isolation between the incoming line and the SCR load.

NRCan 2019 Efficiency: The HPS Tribune™ E series meets the latest efficiency standards, providing rugged and reliable performance for variable speed drives.

Control Transformers:

General Purpose Enclosed Control Transformers: These are used for various industrial applications requiring reliable secondary voltage stability during brief overload conditions, commonly referred to as “inrush current.”

Molded Machine Tool Industrial Control Transformers: Known as HPS Imperator™, these are designed for high inrush applications involving electromagnetic components like relays and solenoids.

Reactors and Filters:

dV/dT Filters: The HPS Centurion™ D1 dV/dT filters protect motors and cables in applications with long motor leads and high switching frequencies.
SineWave Motor Protection Filters: The HPS Centurion™ S filters condition the pulse width modulated (PWM) output of variable frequency drives to provide a nearly perfect sinusoidal waveform, protecting motors and extending their lifespan.


Motor Starting Autotransformers: These transformers provide voltage regulation and help in starting motors smoothly, reducing the initial inrush current and mechanical stress on the motor.

These products are crucial for maintaining efficient and stable operations in various industrial settings, from manufacturing plants to commercial buildings.

Low Voltage Distribution Products

Hammond Power Solutions offers a variety of low voltage transformer types and energy efficiency levels to meet your most demanding applications. Low voltage distribution products include general purpose transformers, K-factor rated transformers, harmonic mitigating transformers, solar duty transformers, and encapsulated distribution transformers.


  1. Active Harmonic Filters: These filters, such as the HPS TruWave™, provide comprehensive solutions for mitigating harmonic distortion and improving power factor correction. They are highly effective in addressing issues caused by non-linear loads like variable frequency drives and DC power supplies.
  2. Passive Harmonic Filters: The HPS Centurion™ P is engineered to reduce harmonic currents and improve power factor. It helps meet IEEE 519 harmonic requirements, making it ideal for facilities with significant harmonic distortion.
  3. dV/dT Filters: These filters protect motors and cables from the damaging effects of long motor leads and high switching frequencies in PWM drives. The HPS Centurion D1 dV/dT filter is designed for applications with motor cable lengths up to 1000 feet.
  4. SineWave Motor Protection Filters: The HPS Centurion™ S filter conditions the output of variable frequency drives to provide a nearly perfect sinusoidal waveform, thereby protecting motors and extending their lifespan.

HPS also offers reactors and other specialty transformers designed to improve power quality in various industrial settings

Medium Voltage Distribution Products

Hammond Power Solutions offers a complete line of medium voltage distribution transformers suitable for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing process applications. Medium voltage distribution products include VPI transformers (5kV, 35kV & 46kV classes) and Cast Resin transformers (up to 35kV class).

1.VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnated) Transformers:

  • Up to 5kV Class: These transformers are ideal for commercial, industrial, or renewable energy applications with ratings from 15-1500 kVA, high voltage up to 5kV, and low voltage from 208Y/120V to 600Y/347V
  • Up to 35kV Class: The HPS Millennium™ E series provides high-quality and reliable performance with three-phase ratings up to 15 MVA and single-phase up to 5 MVA
  • Up to 46kV Class: These are designed for higher voltage applications and can handle demanding environmental conditions

2.Cast Resin Transformers:

– Up to 35kV Class: These transformers are suitable for environments where high reliability and safety are crucial. They have kVA ratings from 300 to 3000ANN and are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications

3.Specialty Transformers:

– Autotransformers, Buck-Boost Transformers, Low Voltage Lighting Transformers, and Mini Power Centers: These are used for specific applications requiring customized voltage regulation and distribution


HPS’s medium voltage products are known for their durability, reliability, and ability to operate in various environmental conditions, making them suitable for sectors like healthcare, data centers, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, mining, and petro-chemical industries

Power Quality Products & Filters

Hammond Power Solutions offers a variety of products to address power quality issues such as active harmonic filters, passive harmonic filters, dV/dT filters, reactors, drive isolation transformers, and harmonic mitigating transformers.

General Purpose Transformers:

HPS Sentinel™ G: These transformers are typically used for supplying power to appliances, lighting, heating, motorized machines, and other power loads from electrical distribution systems. They are compliant with North American efficiency standards and are available in various ratings to meet different needs.

K-Factor Rated Transformers:

These transformers are designed to handle non-linear loads, which produce harmonic currents that can cause overheating and reduce transformer life. K-Factor transformers mitigate these effects, ensuring reliable performance in environments with electronic equipment.

Encapsulated Transformers:

HPS Fortress and HPS Titan series: These transformers are ideal for environments prone to airborne contaminants and moisture. The core and coil are completely encapsulated, providing excellent protection and ensuring reliable performance in harsh conditions. The HPS Titan series is available in versions suitable for hazardous locations and marine duty applications.

Buck-Boost Transformers:

These transformers are used to adjust small voltage differences, making them ideal for applications where minor voltage corrections are needed to match the supply to the equipment requirements.


Autotransformers are efficient for applications requiring voltage adjustment within a relatively narrow range. They are commonly used in various industrial and commercial settings.

Low Voltage Lighting Transformers:

Designed specifically for low voltage lighting applications, these transformers provide reliable and efficient power conversion for lighting systems.

Mini Power Centers:

These compact units combine multiple functions, including voltage transformation and distribution, in a single housing. They are suitable for applications where space is limited, and a comprehensive power solution is needed.


These products are engineered to meet the diverse needs of industries such as commercial infrastructure, data centers, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, healthcare facilities, marine duty applications, microgrids, mining, petro-chemical, power grid infrastructure, power quality, and renewable energy

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