How Can Elite Control Panel Solutions Optimize Space and Enhance Security?


In an increasingly connected world, businesses and organizations face growing challenges when it comes to managing their facilities efficiently and ensuring the safety and security of their assets. Whether you operate a data centre, a manufacturing plant, a healthcare facility, or any other type of complex infrastructure, finding ways to optimize space and enhance security is paramount. This is where Panduit Elite Control Panel Solutions come into play, offering innovative and sophisticated solutions to address these critical needs.

Panduit Smart Control Panel Solutions

Since 1955, Panduit has been dedicated to developing innovative products, software, and solutions to address your evolving needs. They provide an extensive range of technology-driven infrastructure solutions, demonstrating a deep understanding of the complexities of power cabling infrastructures and the critical role of connecting intelligent and advanced equipment. Elevate your efficiency, productivity, and connectivity by embracing Panduit’s Smart Control Panel Solutions.

Space Optimization

Save costs and space with Panduit Smart Control Panels. With their expertise and design, Panduit ensures considerations such as cable segregation, thermal management, cable entry, electromagnetic interference, cable bend radius and space for future expansion, are met. Their robust, environment-rated solutions provide optimized space inside a control panel, ensuring performance, availability and uptime.

comparison between a conventional wiring duct panel layout and a DIN rail wiring duct panel layout


Meet the production deadline and meet your customers’ expectations with Panduit’s cable ties, cable accessories, ferrules and identification products. These products ensure your cables are secure, organized, and aesthetically pleasing with more cable routing capabilities for complex panel systems.


Safety and Security

Prevention through Design

With their innovative design, Panduit VeriSafe makes the voltage testing process easier and safer. By simply pressing a button, workers can effortlessly assess voltage status and instantly verify its absence for increased safety.

Grounding and Bonding

Minimize the number of ground bars required using the StructuredGround Universal Ground Bar System (UGB). This product offers the flexibility to select your preferred method for terminating conductors. You can opt for your preferred connectors or easily cut and strip the wires as needed.

If your concern is motion or vibration, StructuredGround Flat Braided Bonding Straps is the answer. These straps are designed for electrical bonding of doors, subpanels, motors, and machinery, effectively minimizing the impact of electromagnetic interference (EMI) thanks to their flat ferrule design. This unique construction enables them to efficiently transmit high-frequency noise compared to traditional round-stranded cables.

Abrasion Protection

Protect your cables from abrasion with Panduit. From cable entry systems to grommet edging, spiral wrap, corrugated loom tubing, and Pan-Wrap split harness wrap, their products are meticulously designed to offer both organization and robust resistance.

Network Security

Enhance network security by utilizing Panduit’s network lock-out and lock-in devices. These lock-out solutions offer a range of options, including protection for RJ45 and USB ports, safeguarding against the intrusion of dust, debris, and foreign objects. Meanwhile, the lock-in devices ensure the security of patch cord connections, preventing unauthorized access and accidental disconnections.

diagram showing the indication of voltage presence and absence of voltage


Enhance your business connectivity and boost efficiency with Panduit, a renowned global leader in connectivity solutions. Panduit’s cutting-edge products enable your organization to monitor productivity in real-time, leading to enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, and reduced expenses.

Panduits UPS

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Whether you have questions, need technical assistance, or simply want to explore how Panduit’s smart control panels can transform your business, our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today and learn about how smart control panels can optimize your processes, improve your energy efficiency, and streamline your facility management.

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