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The Significance of Flow Meters and Choosing the Right Fit

Flow meters are essential in various industries and applications where monitoring and controlling the flow of fluids is crucial. The choice of flow meter depends on factors such as the type of fluid being measured, the required accuracy, the flow rate range, and the application’s specific needs. Each type of flow meter has its advantages and limitations, and selecting the right one is crucial for accurate measurement and efficient system operation.

Siemens flow meters are known for their quality, reliability, and advanced technology. They offer a variety of flow measurement technologies to suit different needs. It is recommended by Siemens Specialists to choose the flow meter depending on the size of the flow rate rather than the size of the pipe. When a flow meter fits oversized, this can result in measurement inaccuracies.

Siemens Flow Meters


Siemens excels in electromagnetic flow monitoring with SITRANS F M magmeters, known for precise measurement of conductive liquids. Their product line includes versatile sensors and transmitters with industry-standard approvals, offering various options. For specialized needs, consider options like the battery-powered SITRANS F M MAG 8000 for water applications or the robust SITRANS F M TRANSMAG 2 for demanding industries like pulp and paper or mining.

Clamp-on ultrasonic

SITRANS F S clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters offer precise and cost-effective liquid and gas flow measurement. They feature zero pressure drop, no energy loss, and non-intrusive sensor installation without pipe cutting. The SITRANS FS230 model offers one or four-path measurements, multiple I/Os, and customization options, while the SITRANS FS220 provides simpler measurement and configuration at a lower cost. All systems use SITRANS FSS200 clamp-on sensors, perfect for existing pipelines and challenging fluids. WideBeam® transit-time sensor technology enhances measurement accuracy by reducing sensitivity to fluid changes.



Siemens Coriolis systems offer precise multiparameter measurements, including direct mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, temperature, density, and fraction flow (e.g., Brix and Plato). Siemens provides a digital Coriolis transmitter platform featuring the compact SITRANS FCT010, designed for seamless integration into process automation systems, and the SITRANS FCT030, offering exceptional precision, a rapid 100 Hz update rate, and a user-friendly digital interface. These transmitters can be used with the high-performance FCS300 sensor or one of three low-flow sensors for batching, dosing, and filling tasks. For compressed natural gas setups, consider the ultra-compact SITRANS FCS200 sensor in combination with the SIFLOW FC070 transmitter, which boasts custody transfer approval.


SITRANS FX330 presents a comprehensive solution, combining vortex technology for measuring flow, pressure, and temperature in steam, gases, and liquids. It excels in HVAC and auxiliary systems and proves versatile for numerous process applications. Whether you’re dealing with saturated steam, superheated steam, raw chemicals, compressed air, or crude oil, FX330 has you covered.

SITRANS FM MAG 8000 For Remote Applications

The SITRANS FM MAG 8000 series of battery-operated flowmeters offers you the freedom to install a dependable water flowmeter in practically any location without compromising on accuracy or performance. Opt in for the integrated IIoT Wireless Communication Module to remotely access comprehensive measurement data using LTE-M or NB-IoT. This feature allows you to access measurement data, configure settings, and utilize the built-in verification from the MAG 8000 through our new Web Application.


  • Remote acccess via web browser and secure password protection
  • Real-time notifications for measurement data, parameters, and alarms can be accessed through the IIoT Web Application
  • The 4G-basedd IIoT Wireless Communication Modules collects the data by LLTE-M, NB-loT or 2G network
  • Built in security measures for theft prevention
  • Full control of your water application from any ssite in world
  • Synchronization of information from multiple MAG 8000 devices

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Our team of experts can assist you in selecting the most suitable flow meter for your application requirements. We offer EBH verificator rentals compatible with our standard flowmeters. Our Industrial Services Group (ISG) can assist you in the comprehensive process of designing, selecting, procuring, implementing, and maintaining the equipment that best suits your distinct application requirements.

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