Shocking Safety: Exploring The Littlefuse Shock Block For Ultimate Protection


Shock Protection for Larger Loads

The Shock Block SB5000 meets the requirements for GFCIs and special-purpose GFCIs (SPGFCIs) defined by UL 943 and UL 943C

  • Protect yourself and workers from electrical shock where standard GFCI breakers and receptacles are not available
  • Monitors the continuity of the ground circuit to isolate electrical hazards before they lead to shock events
  • The internal contactor life is prolonged b undervoltage, brownout and chatter detection
  • GFCI models have a fixed 6 mA trip level (Class A)
  • Special-purpose GFCI models have a fixed 20 mA trip level (Class C and D)
  • EGFPD models can be set to trip at 6, 10, 20…100 mA in increments of 10 mA

Shock Block Applications

Food & Beverage Processing

All cables used in heavy portable equipment are prone to wear and tear. Cable couplers are more susceptible to water ingress, and the shock hazards in these wet environments are just as lethal as the higher industrial voltages.

The SB5000’s NEMA 4X and IP69K rated enclosures allow for protection and operation out on the production floor instead of complicated installations in dry electrical rooms. Utilizing the ground check feature available on every model of the Shock Block, is a proactive way to isolate the hazard caused by damaged cords and plugs before someone gets shocked.

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Commercial Garages, Service Bays, & Maintenance Shops

Portable equipment is frequently used in commercial Garages, service Bays, and maintenance shops. The frequent use of portable equipment to accommodate different tasks can create or lead to situations where shock is more likely to occur. When a worker is focused on a task in front of them, leakage current from damaged cords and cables can present itself to those unsuspecting personnel.

For welding applications, if the ground lead is damaged or not setup properly, then welding current will take alternate paths through facility structure, ground conductors, and conduit fittings. When this stray current runs through conduit or control panels, it causes the conductors to heat up and melt insulation. The SB5000’s built-in ground monitoring ensures the effective ground-fault current path stays intact and proactively prevents future shock hazards from occurring.

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How Does The Shock Block Work?

When a leakage current is detected the SB5000 interrupts the circuit, significantly reducing or eliminating the shock potential. One key safety feature is that the SB5000 also monitors the ground wire from the SB5000 to the load for continuity. If the wire is broken or becomes loose, the SB5000 will signal an alarm and de- energize the circuit in less than half of a second.

1. Current travels through body
2. Current transformer picks up current imbalance
3. Sensor detects current flowing outside of its intended path and opens circuit. Fault is cleared and personnel are protected
4. Loss of grounding will de-energize load (if ground wire is high resistance, a ground fault can create a hazardous voltage across the human body)

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