October 21, 2022


Industrial Heat Trace Maintenance

Why are Heating Solutions Important?

The arrival of winter means pipelines and industrial processes will once again be the target of freezing temperatures. Heat tracing circuits allow you to solve much, if not all of your problems. Proper use of heat cables can help prevent corrosion, loosening of electrical components, and water ingress. nVent heat tracing cables are reliable, simple in design, fast and easy to install.


Heat Tracing Maintenance Checklist


Insulation Resistance (IR) Test

  • Follow instructions in the installation & maintenance manual
  • Confirm values are consistent with the indicated product specifications


Power Check

  • Follow the instruction in the installation and maintenance manual
  • Confirm values are consistent with the indicated product specifications


Ground Fault Breakers

All ground fault breakers should be tested according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Heating Tracing Components

Damaged or improperly installed components can result in water ingress, corrosion or the loosening of electrical connections.

  • Confirm that the installation is correct by checking the components according to the installation manual
  • Ensure all component locations are marked with the electrical connection labels supplied with the kit


Thermostat or Controller

A thermostat or controller will allow you to optimize your energy usage while keeping your process running at a temperature be the winter season

  • Review settings and alarms to ensure that they are set properly
  • Perform all basic maintenance procedures according to the installation & maintenance manuals



Insulation plays a critical role in the overall heat tracing system. No insulation or wet insulation reduces heat transfer from the heating cable to the pipe and can render electric heat tracing completely ineffective.

  • Visually inspect all lines for missing, damaged or wet insulation.
  • Check weatherproof cladding for continuity (if applicable)


Distribution Panel & Secondary Wire & Conduit

Visually inspect the conduit distribution system for openings in conduit, damaged or missing components and low-point drains.



Stocking spare components and cables will allow for timely repairs or replacements in case of an emergency. All installation & maintenance manuals can direct you in the repair or replacement of heat tracing system components.


Installation and Maintenance Records

Complete installation and maintenance records will allow you to verify what system tests have been completed, the original electrical values, etc. This information can be valuable in determining if the system is operating properly over time.


Instrument Heating


Pipe Freeze Protection


Tank Heating

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