Revolutionizing Connectivity: Exploring Weidmüller SNAP IN Technology


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Looking for a connection system that is fast and reliable?

Experience the revolutionary SNAP IN connection, where lightning-fast installations and maintenance are as simple as a snap of your fingers. This innovative connection method eliminates the need for wasteful tools and laborious wire-end ferrule crimping, ensuring you save both time and materials. Your peace of mind is ensured by the reassuring “click” that confirms a secure connection.

With SNAP IN, your installation and maintenance tasks can be completed in the blink of an eye. This concept is as straightforward as its utilization: just insert the stripped conductor directly into the open connection points, and the snap connection securely locks in place with an audible click. When needed, activating the lever will reverse the process just as swiftly, allowing operators to effortlessly reopen the connection point and detach the connected conductor, making automated wiring processes a practical reality.

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Product Range


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Hybrid connectors
  • Flexible combination options for power, signal and data transmission
  • Future-proof Single Pair Ethernet technology
  • Fast configuration of hybrid interfaces
  • Tool-free wiring with innovative SNAP IN connection



orange and black signal connector


Signal connectors
  • Versatile connectors for a wide range of applications
  • Unique SNAP IN connection for fast, safe and tool-free wiring
  • Individual configuration in the web-configurator for maximum flexibility


black plug in



PCB plug-in terminals
  • Compact PCB terminal blocks for fast signal connections
  • Innovative SNAP IN connection technology for fastest wiring
  • Ideal for fully automated wiring processes (ready-to-robot)


orange and black power connector


Power connectors
  • Compact PCB connectors for power electronics up to 1,000 V
  • Fast and tool-free wiring thanks to innovative SNAP IN connection technology
  • Flexible configuration in the web-configurator

Step into the future with Klippon® Connect through SNAP technology

Insert the conductor for a secure, audible, and visible ‘click’ connection. Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with SNAP IN technology simplify control cabinet wiring, allowing direct tool-free connection of various conductors, streamlining installation with reduced wire preparation.




OMNIMATE® 4.0 – The PCB Connector Solution for Streamlined Digital Device Development

Prepare to elevate your wiring processes to an entirely new dimension with SNAP IN connection technology. With SNAP IN, installation and maintenance tasks are accomplished in the blink of an eye. The process is as straightforward as it is efficient: Simply insert the stripped conductor into the open connection point, and with a satisfying click, the snap connection locks firmly in place.

The OMNIMATE® 4.0 connector comes wire-ready, featuring open terminal points that enable immediate wiring without the need for any tools. SNAP IN, hailed as the swiftest connection technology available, significantly accelerates your assembly procedures.


German Innovation Awarded For SNAP IN

SNAP IN left an indelible impression on the “German Design Council,” leading the independent jury to bestow Weidmüller with the prestigious German Innovation Award in 2022 for their groundbreaking SNAP IN connection technology. This award recognizes products and solutions from diverse industries that stand out for their user-centric approach and the enhanced value they offer compared to previous solutions. The German Innovation Award serves as a beacon, shining a spotlight on these remarkable innovations.

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