The Advancements in AFCI Breaker Technology: Siemens Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers


Enhancing Residential Safety with Siemens Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers

As electrical contractors, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in electrical components and technology is crucial. One innovation that has revolutionized electrical safety in residential settings is the Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) breaker. In partnership with Siemens, EB Horsman & Son, a trusted Western Canada Electrical Distributor, is proud to introduce the Siemens Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers. In this blog article, we will explore the benefits of these breakers, as well as how customers can conveniently purchase them online and at EBH branches, for applications in circuit breaker boxes and electrical panels.

AFCI breakers are designed to detect dangerous electrical arcs that can occur due to faulty wiring and prevent potential hazards such as electrical fires. They are highly recommended by the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) for certain areas in residential buildings. Circuit breakers, including AFCI breakers, are an essential component of electrical panels or breaker boxes, providing protection and power distribution for residential homes. When it comes to replacing or upgrading an electrical breaker, the Siemens Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers are a reliable solution.


Introducing Siemens Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers

The Siemens Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers, available through EB Horsman & Son, offer enhanced flexibility and safety features specifically for breaker boxes and electrical panels. These breakers allow two separate circuits to be fed from a single breaker position, replacing the need for individual breakers. This space-saving design is ideal when replacing or upgrading breakers in electrical panels.


Benefits of Siemens Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers:

Space-Saving Solution: With the ability to feed two circuits from a single breaker position, the Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers minimize the need for additional breakers in the electrical panel or breaker box. This is particularly advantageous in situations where space is limited.

Enhanced Safety Measures: Siemens has incorporated connection indicators into their Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers, providing clear visual confirmation when load wires are correctly inserted. This helps reduce the risk of improper installations and ensures safer electrical systems in breaker boxes.

Versatile Installation Options: Contractors can choose between the Pig Tail and Plug-On Neutral versions of the Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers, depending on the specific requirements of the breaker box or electrical panel. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into various electrical systems.

Convenient Availability: To provide easy accessibility to customers, Siemens Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers can be purchased online through the EB Horsman website. Additionally, customers can visit any of the EBH branches to acquire these breakers, ensuring a quick and hassle-free procurement process. Whether you are replacing a circuit breaker or performing a circuit breaker replacement as part of a renovation or upgrade, Siemens Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers are readily available.





Siemens Tandem AFCI Circuit Breakers, available through EB Horsman & Son, represent a significant advancement in electrical safety technology for breaker boxes and electrical panels. These breakers, suitable for power distribution and circuit breaker replacement, provide electrical contractors and customers with greater flexibility, enhanced safety measures, and the convenience of online purchasing. By integrating these breakers into residential construction and renovation projects, contractors can ensure superior protection against electrical arcs and enhance the overall safety of the electrical systems in breaker boxes and electrical panels.


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