Socomec Enclosed Disconnect Switches & Power Monitors

Product Spotlight

Why Choose Socomec Enclosed Disconnect Switches

Socomec Enclosed Disconnect Switches Functions:

  • The NEC required a motor disconnect upstream from the motor.
  • Main disconnecting means, fusible and non-fusible.
  • OSHA Lock Out / Tag Out devices to isolate a load for maintenance, service or repair.
  • Transferring low voltage circuits on load.
  • Best used as: manual motor controller, OSHA Lockout/Tagout disconnects, safety switches, emergency power electrical installations


Enclosed load break switches ensure the on-load breaking and making of circuits and safely isolate all low-voltage electrical circuits by providing protection against contact with live parts and environmental elements, such as dust, water and other hazards. They enable the shutdown and isolation of the power supply as close to the equipment as possible.

Food & Processing

Heavy Duty Industry

Machinery & Safety

Durable and Ergonomic Handle

  • Red/Yellow handle (available in black).
  • Painted steel enclosure are equipped with heavy duty handle with metallic padlock hasp.
  • Clear On – Off positions indicators
  • Allows up to 3 padlocks on one switch

Flexible Range

  • Designed for normal as well as difficult or harsh environments
  • UL / NEMA-rated enclosures up to 1, 3R, 12, 4, 4X.
  • Metal and plastic enclosures.
  • Compact design.

High Switching Performance and Simple Wiring

  • For applications up to 1200 A.
  • High short-circuit rating.
  • Reliable switching technology.
  • Large terminals.

Fusible Disconnect Switches


  • fuse class CC, J and L suitable for use as motor disconnect and service entrance disconnect
  • UL / NEMA enclosure, 3-pole, 600 VAC, non-fusible

Non-Fusible Disconnect switches


  • suitable for use as motor disconnect and service entrance disconnect
  • UL / NEMA enclosure, 3-pole, 600 VAC, non-fusible

Power Monitors

Quality power monitoring and metering solutions improve the overall energy performance of installations while helping support informed decision-making. Accurate measurement and centralized monitoring of energy consumption help with the efficient management of energy costs. Implementing power metering and monitoring systems, electrical parameters and consumption can now be managed at the equipment level, identifying potential power issues and tangible cost savings, resulting in lower billing.

Using a device that offers more than surface level energy readings can help identify critical loads. Valuable preventive and corrective action can be taken by using real-time information readings.

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