12th May 2020


Enclosure Air Conditioner (AC) Overview

Heat can damage equipment inside an enclosure and lead to system failure. This is why installing a cooling solution from an industry leading supplier is a critical factor in extending a system’s life. It’s imperative that engineers design the system to take into account temperature build-up and the presence of water.

About Rittal’s Blue e, Wall-Mounted, UL Listed, Type 3R/4 Enclosure Cooling Units

Rittal’s Blue e, Wall-Mounted, UL Listed, Type 3R/4 air conditioning units are an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor enclosures where water is an issue, such as waste water facilities, transportation and toll booths, outdoor kiosks and food and beverage facilities. These air conditioners provide protection from the harmful effects on equipment due to the presence of water and external formation of ice. Rittal’s use of nanotechnology helps resist filiform corrosion on condenser coils which offers greater energy efficiency. The coated condenser coils do not affect the cooling capacity of the unit and in most cases a filter is not required. This also enables longer intervals between service maintenance.

Rittal’s closed loop system maintains a Type 3R/4 rating and creates an environment in the enclosure that is cooler inside than the surrounding temperature. With an internal temperature set point of 35 °C, Rittal air conditioners are designed to operate at temperatures up to 50 °C.

Key Features of Type 3R/4 Blue e Wall-Mounted AC Enclosure Solutions:

  • Type 3R/4 for either indoor or outdoor use and provides protection from water, rain, sleet and snow
  • Saves up to 45% in energy consumption
  • Vandalism resistant controller located inside enclosure
  • Rittal’s Comfort Controller for superior information display
  • Functionality and capacity tested before shipment to ensure trouble free operation
  • cUL US Listed

Rittal – The System.

Faster – better – everywhere. Top Therm Blue e Wall-mounted air conditioners, UL Type 3R/4

Part #EERQKBTU (W)Sign In for your
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