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La Dolce Vita With Bella


Why Bella High-End Baseboard Heater For Your Home and Office?


The high-end BELLA™ baseboard heater is undoubtedly the most beautiful offered on the market. Its breathtaking design and sturdy aluminum-extruded facade make it the ideal choice for residential and commercial locations. The BELLATM is available in two densities: 150 W or 250 W per linear foot.

  • Clean and high-end finish
  • Extremely solid, impact and rust resistant made of extruded aluminum
  • Fit for residential and commercial environments
  • Totally quiet

Bella Baseboard Heater Features



  • Epoxy-polyester powdercoat


  • Surface mounted
  • Wiring compartment at both ends of unit


  • 22-gauge steel cabinet
  • 11-gauge equivalent extruded aluminum with molded and curved end-caps
  • Discrete air inlet: air enters through the front of the unit and exits from the top
  • Thermal protection with automatic reset
  • Full-length wireway


  • Single tubular, stainless steel sheathed element with boxed aluminum fins for improved heat dissipation securely fastened at its center, floating in nylon sleeves at each end, eliminating expansion and contraction noises


  • Wall thermostat (not included) – the use of an electronic thermostat is strongly recommended
  • Built-in mechanical single pole or double pole thermostat, installed in the left or right junction box (optional)
  • Low voltage relay kit installed in the left or right junction box (optional)
  • Disconnect switch (optional)


  • 5 years *lifetime warranty on the heating element (for original owner)

Bella Baseboard Spec & Part Number Guide

Part NumberTotal Length (IN)
 BA0301W 20 13/16
 BA0308W 20 13/16
 BA0302W 20 13/16
 BA0501W 28 13/16
 BA0508W 28 13/16
 BA0502W 28 13/16
 BA0751W 38 1/2
 BA0758W 38 1/2
 BA0752W 38 1/2
 BA1001W 48 3/8
 BA1008W 48 3/8
 BA1002W 48 3/8
 BA1251W 58  3/16
 BA1258W 58  3/16
 BA1252W 58  3/16

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