1st June 2021


WaveLinx – Your connected, scalable and smart digital lighting system.

Composed of wired and wireless sensors, load controllers, keypads, luminaires and other control devices, WaveLinx addresses energy efficiency and comfort requirements while seamlessly collecting and communicating data to value-added applications.

Designers, electrical contractors and building owners/operators use the WaveLinx connected lighting system to comply with latest energy codes, maximize energy savings and improve occupant experience. The system is used in all types of indoor, outdoor, commercial, and industrial applications—from a single room, to a floor, to a whole building, warehouse or even an entire campus.

$50 Information Session Promotion: WaveLinx

Register and attend an information session for Cooper Lighting Solutions’ WaveLinx Lighting Controls System and receive a $50 gift card. Five gift cards available on a first-come-first-served basis. Gift card choices include Cactus Club, Best Buy, or Time Hortons. Some restrictions may apply. Speak to your E.B. Horsman representative for more information.

System Components

  • Tile-Mount Ceiling Sensor CWPD-1500
  • Tile Adapter Kit WTA
  • Wireless Area Controller WAC-120
  • 347v Dimming Switch Pack WSP-CA-010
  • Dimming Switch Pack WSP-MV-010
  • 2-Button Wireless Wall Station W2L-RL-W
  • 4-Button Wireless Wall Station W4S-RL-S4-W

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