6th May 2020


Temperature Measurement Camera For Access Control

Part #: PT-7MFTD

With the outbreak of COVID19 came the necessity for a noncontact method of identifying individuals that may be carrying the virus. The results were devices that can identify individuals with abnormal body temperatures so that they could be isolated for further examination.

About the Opticom COVID Forehead Temperature Detection & Facial Recognition Terminal

The Opticom COVID Camera is equipped with an infrared camera and a built-in body temperature detection module, which can rapidly determine a person’s temperature when they stand in-front of the camera.

The OPT-7MFTD solution includes a 7” high-resolution TFT screen with built-in high sensitivity thermometry that is accurate to within 0.5°F / 0.3°C. The system’s database can store up to 10,000 facial images along with temperature records, time passed, name, and ID card information.

The ultra-high-speed system captures image and temperature information within 300 milliseconds and will generate an alarm response when the subjects temperature registers 99.1°F / 37.3°C or higher. Alarm outputs can also be connected to access control systems that can control devices such as such as door locks and turnstiles. This ensures that businesses can safely monitor who may have symptoms, and adds an additional layer of protection for their staff and clients.

Highlights of the OPT-7MFTD

  • Facial recognition detection: just under 10ft / 3m
  • Forehead temperature detection: 10-15″ / 25-40cm
  • Alarm for temperature over 99.1°F / 37.3°C
  • Scans quickly to keep traffic moving
  • Floor stand, desktop stand, or turnstile options
  • Can be used as a stand-alone system that does not require a computer or network
  • Can be used to lock doors based on temperature readings


1. AI Ultra High Precision (Defiance Algorithm)

  • Advanced Detection Algorithm: Accurate temperate identification in milliseconds, enables users to move quickly past the access control camera
  • Double sensor design, infrared vivo detection algorithm prevents photo and video fraud
  • With the deep learning algorithm, supports a 10,000 face database


2. Instant Temperature Detection, Reliable Facial Recognition, Rapid Processing

  • Dynamic temperature detection based on real-time video stream using Linux Industrial operating system
  • 2MP HD video, integrated face capture and recognition
  • < 300ms Recognition Speed
  • >99.97% Facial Recognition Accuracy


3. Real-Time Temp Monitoring

The Opticom COVID Camera is equipped with an Infrared camera and a built-in body temperature detection module, which can rapidly determine a persons’ temperature when they stand in front of the camera.

The COVID Camera can also authenticate an individual with facial recognition software if an existing photo database exists.

  • <1m Temperature Detection within 300ms
  • Temperature detection error range +/- 0.3C
  • Rapid Detection within 300ms
  • The face recognition distance is within 0.5-3 meters


4. Alarm

  • Alarm for Temperature over 99.1°F / 37.3°C
  • Abnormal temperature triggers voice alarm and relay alarm output
  • Can be used to lock/unlock doors based on temperature readings: There are available connections to two relays. Relays offer normally open and normally closed contacts. Settings within the programming interface control the action and duration of the relays based on user-defined conditions.


5. Stand-alone or Connected to Network

The OPT-7MFTD is a stand-alone system in that there is no requirement for a network connection. Optionally, the camera may be connected to a network to program the various features or management of images taken by the camera.

  • Supports TFTP upload of face recognition data
  • Support to run in offline mode
  • Provide RS485, I/O input and output, Wiegan and other peripheral interfaces
  • Flexible face data import: supports single, batch, and real-time snapshot file import


The OPT-7MFTD can be quickly deployed at facility access points and operated either locally or connected via the network. The system provides extremely accurate screening of both employees and customers for a wide range of applications including industrial, medical, and educational facilities, retail outlets, restaurants, and more.

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