February 11th  2019



It is challenging and intimidating to fish wire through walls. However, it has been made exceptionally easier with these small and innovative tools. Mobility is not a concern anymore because a wireless device with a WiFi connection allows you to easily access those difficult-to-reach areas.



See Through Walls Like A Superhero


The Ferret WiFi is a rechargeable inspection camera that directly transmits pictures and streams videos onto your smartphone. This device is a great investment as it will save you time and decrease the effort needed to access confined, dark spaces, such as chimneys, finished walls, under flooring, and ceilings. This small device has a virtual connection that can easily fit in a tool kit or pocket, therefore providing infinite possibilities.

Imagine the ease this tool will offer the next time you need to check a connection behind a piece of equipment or wall. The included hook and magnet attachments are perfect for wire fishing. The included hook and magnet attachments are perfect for wire fishing and will help you directly navigate and access any wire. Being able to get eyes inside the wall you are fishing is the ultimate game-changer.



    • Greater Mobility

It is a wireless device that transmits video and pictures to your phone up to 40’ away.The Ferret can be threaded on any fish stick for increased versatility and mobility. It is also small enough to be kept in your pocket or tool box for easy access whenever you need to use it.

    • High Definition Camera

The 720P (1280 x 720) high resolution inspection camera allows you to clearly see into the dark spaces that are not accessible to our eyes. You can also adjust the brightness of the camera with its six bright white LED’s for improved visibility.

    • WiFi Enabled

With the Ferret being WiFi enabled, you are not tethered to grip like inspection cameras. Simply download the Ferret mobile app to your Apple or Android device, pair it up with your Ferret, and use the included adapters to connect this handy little cam to virtually any type of cable fish rod that you already own.

    • Safe and Smart

It is a smart tool that helps you do jobs quicker, therefore saving you both time and money. With the Ferret, you can take photos and videos without tearing out walls, climbing up ladders, or sticking your hands where they don’t belong. Send pics of the inspection site directly to your clients, stream real-time video to other tradespeople, and create accurate job quotes in less time to ensure successful project completion.



The Ferret WiFi tool can be used for a variety of applications that require wire fishing and inspection. This may be needed for building inspections, lighting, electrical, building, or HVAC purposes.

The Ferret WiFi Inspection Tool is a must-have for Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Installers, Maintenance Technicians, Building Inspectors, Pest Control professionals, and DIYers.

If your job requires you to fish wire, this is the best tool investment you will ever make. Regardless of your industry, chances are you’ve needed to get eyes on something where your head wouldn’t fit.

Contact us now to purchase your Ferret WiFi inspection tool today!

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