E.B. Horsman Major Projects Team

Win & Deliver a Successful Electrical Project

Our projects team works closely with you to ensure your project is on track to be delivered on-budget and on-schedule. We will follow your project materials from start to finish by coordinating with you and manufacturers to deliver the right products to your site at the right time. We have a close relationship with world-class manufacturer partners which allows us to offer you best-in-class products at a competitive rate to get you a winning Bill-of-Material.

Our Projects Services

  • Specification & Design
  • Quotation Support
  • Technical Product Expertise
  • Meeting Safety & Standard Requirements
  • Project Supply Management
  • VMI Services
  • Continuous Support from Start to End
  • Latitude Warehouse Management System

Your One-Stop Shop for all your Electrical, Lighting, and Power Distribution Needs!

With over 600 trusted supplier partners, we can help you source the products you need to complete your project on budget and on time. We have the technical expertise to help you deliver a complete project ranging from wire and cable to lighting fixtures, power distribution and controls, and more.

Supported by our specialty Divisions with technical experts:

Project Capabilities and Scope:

Our Project Group is dedicated to helping you quote and deliver commercial, industrial or residential electrical projects. That’s why we provide customers with state-of-the-art systems, backed up by exceptional project capabilities that manage the materials more efficiently, cost effectively and with fewer infrastructures and out-sourcing.

We can provide you with a single source responsibility to reduce transaction costs and a full turnkey solution to launch your project’s operational requirements to the next level.

This has allowed us to craft exceptional:

  • Efficient Handling & Storage offerings
  • Enhanced Control & Reporting
  • Enhanced Field Productivity
  • Single Source Capabilities
  • Reduced Material Costs
  • Reduced Administrative Cost
  • Reduced Waste & Surplus
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Precision Tracking

5 Steps to Winning Your Lighting and Power Distribution Bid

How Will Our Project Team Support your Next Bid:

Engineers are known for being detailed—and we can help you quote their engineering drawings exactly to spec. We have the inventory and manufacturer relationships to deliver the specific products they are looking for as well as the expertise to recommend solutions if a brand or model hasn’t been specified. If you have product ideas in mind, we can look over your plan and offer the most competitive deal possible.

As the largest local electrical distributor in Western Canada, we have the relationships in place to help you bid competitively on all aspects of the deal, including: quote turnaround time, price, top manufacturers, delivery date and more. After all, it’s not only about price—it’s about creating the confidence that you can get the job done right for your customer (although a good price doesn’t hurt). With over 100 years of operations, we’ve learned a few things about how to be your project partner.

We have reps at all our branches who can work directly with you and our Project Group to help quote and manage the order. This personal touch is important for understanding your needs, creating accountability and building confidence in delivering the order (for you and your customer). It also means we have the inventory close by to back up our claims of superior and reliable logistics.

We understand the risk of late deliveries or product quantities that aren’t available when they need to be. We have the experience to schedule and execute each step of the delivery exactly as required and work with our manufacturer partners to meet your requirements. An inexperienced manufacturer or distributor could seriously leave you on the hook.

Did you know that acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one? We can help you win business by ensuring the project goes so well that you get repeat business from the same customer. Not to mention a growing list of customer success stories and references that will help you score even more future deals.

Branch Network Capabilities to Support your Project

We have grown and expanded our operational reach with over 20 Branches spread across British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our branches’ business model is to stock electrical, lighting, and power distribution products needed in local markets. This is supported by overflow stock in our ISO 9001 Central Distribution Center in Surrey, BC. This allows us to have improved customer experience by lowering overhead cost by multi-channel delivery options, enhanced productivity and contingency planning for remote projects, consistency to service and next day customer delivery.

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