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Design Your Enclosures with E.B. Horsman

Simplify Your Enclosure Shopping Experience

Simplify your enclosure buying experience with in house panel modification at E.B. Horsman & Son. The Rittal Perforex machine allows us to take care of measuring, enclosure cutting, and drilling for you.

The Perforex Advantage

Our Perforex machine delivers impeccable measures, cuts, and drillings, ensuring unparalleled accuracy while saving you both time and money. With this innovative technology, we can deliver custom modifications that exceed your expectations, every time.

Why Choose Us?

Precision at its Finest

Our Perforex machine, a CNC machining center, is tailored for precise drilling, milling, and cutting of panels, whether they’re made of metal, plastic, or composite materials. Customize your enclosure to perfection with features like holes, doors, sidewalls, and more. Need design assistance? We’ve got you covered with expert guidance from our team of experts, ensuring your vision becomes reality.

Time Efficiency Redefined

Stay ahead of project timelines and meet demands swiftly with our in-house modification enclosure services. From intricate designs to straightforward cuts, our CNC machine and experts effortlessly tackles every task, ensuring prompt delivery without compromising quality.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Optimize operations and reduce expenses with our precise automation solutions. Our specialized team, equipped with CNC machinery and our facility, ensures efficient modification of your enclosures, allowing you to reallocate resources towards strategic areas of your business

Rittal Perforex Machining Centre Overview

Rittal Perforex Pneumatechnique case study

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Contact our E.B. Horsman & Son team of experts to take your projects to the next level. Our experienced team will guide your through the process, from design to execution, ensuring your project is a resounding success.

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