Make yourself a Griddle Master with EB Horsman Lighting Solutions

Win a Blackstone Grill with EB Horsman Lighting Solutions! From warehouses to office spaces, we have all your lighting needs.

Transforming Panels, Elevating Performance: Your Guide to Panel Modifications and EB Horsman’s Perforex Machine! – ENCORE EDITION

Unlock cost, time, and resource savings by fully customizing your enclosure with precision using our Perforex panel modification services.

Exceptional Service at EB Horsman’s Saskatoon Branch: Your Central Hub for Projects, Lighting, and Specialized PAC Solutions

Our Saskatoon branch is renowned for delivering exceptional service, recognized as the ‘Best Counter Customer Service in Saskatoon’ among our customers.

Enhancing Data Centre Resilience in the Digital Age

Explore cutting-edge technologies driving data centre efficiency and reliability in our interconnected digital world.

What’s the Relationship Between Albrite Lighting and E.B. Horsman & Son?

E.B. Horsman & Son’s partnership with Albrite Lighting brings you the best products for all your electrical projects.

Siemens Panelboards, Configured to Your Specification

Time to upgrade your measure tape? Discover the history and the types of tape measure available at E.B. Horsman & Son! National Tape Measure Day serves as a reminder of the importance of accurate measurements in a wide range of industries. It recognizes the ingenuity of those who contributed to the development of this essential tool and celebrates its impact on construction, crafting, and countless other applications.

From Saskatchewan’s Roots to our Growth in Alberta: Discovering our Branches

From Saskatchewan’s roots to our growth in Alberta: Discover EB Horsman & Son’s branches and their top-quality electrical products.

EB Horsman’s Guide to Streamlining Data Automation in Medical Offices

Explore our datacom solutions to upgrade your medical office, creating a more efficient, streamlined, and patient-centric environment.

Hooked on Memories: Sturgeon Excursion 2024 Fishing Trip

Learn about the unforgettable Sturgeon Excursion with E.B. Horsman and Southwire! Be on the lookout for the next Sturgeon Excursion!

ABB’s True North: Innovations Made in Canada

ABB is an international company with a large global presence, but did you know that a significant percentage of the products sold in Canada are also designed and manufactured locally?

EB Horsman’s Guide To Optimizing Data Automation In Your Home Office & Datacom Giveaway!

Looking to upgrade your home office for a cohesive and responsive workspace? Explore our Datacom guide for solutions to enhance your setup.

EB Horsman’s Penticton Branch Wins GM Lighting’s 2024 Amazing Application Image Contest

EB Horsman’s Penticton branch is delighted to announce its victory in the GM Lighting 2024 Amazing Application Image Contest.

Engineering and Sophisticated Power Transformers – Hammond Power Solutions

Hammond Power Solutions offers an array of control and automation products designed to meet the demands of your applications. Control and automation products include control transformers, drive isolation transformers, reactors, dV/dT filters, and motor starting autotransformers.


Mastering Network Installations with Klein VDV Kits

Klein VDV kits offer precision tools for seamless network installations, ensuring reliability, durability, and adaptability.