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T&B Express Basket Tray

11th January 2018       Data Communications | General Division

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Thomass & Betts Expres Basket Trays

Cable Express Basket Tray

In Stock at E.B. Horsman & Son

About Thomass & Betts Express Basket Tray:

Cable tray wiring systems offer significant advantages over conduit pipe and other wiring systems. Cable tray is more cost efficient, more reliable, more adaptable to changing needs and easier to maintain. In addition, its design does not contribute to potential safety problems associated with other wiring systems.

T&B Express Tray utilize the patented QuikLok® connecting system where the tray simply snaps into place, no components or tools is required. The TabLok™ Bracket Support System, another feature of T&B Express Tray, is available in straight bracket lengths, center-hung assemblies, “L” style and “J” style brackets and only requires a single straight-blade screwdriver, eliminating the need for mounting hardware and reducing installation time.

Applications & Product Offerings

Since its introduction, the ExpressTray® system has been successfully installed in a range of commercial and industrial environments across Canada. With every new project comes new challenges and valuable input from end-users and facility managers. The products in this section are a result of this experience and can be found in stock at E.B. Horsman & Son:

Straight Sections 2" or 4" Deep U-Profile:

Fast connection system, low profile for confined spaces

The 2" and 4" deep U-profile are ideally suited for light- to medium-duty commercial and industrial applications. 2" is where space is at a premium, and 4" where more load capacity is required. The higher profile securely contains bulky cables, reducing the risk of cables falling out of heavily loaded tray. Choose the QuikLok® fast connection profile for installations requiring long runs of straight cable tray lengths.


  • Welded, wire-mesh cable management system made of high strength steel wire
  • Standard tray length is 10 feet nominal (3 meters actual)
  • Mesh measurement of 2 in. x 4 in. (50 x 102 mm) is standard for all widths of tray
  • Eight (8) tray widths available ranging from 4 in. to 24 in. (102 to 610 mm)
  • Electrogalvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel (304 and 316) finishes available
  • Temperature range -45˚C (-49˚F) to 150˚C (302˚F)
  • For loading data, refer to the tables on pages C55 and C56


Long, straight runs requiring connection of many tray lengths. Network cabling, wiring closets, fiber-to-desktop applications and more, this tray profile can be installed in suspended ceiling plenum areas and under computer room flooring. It is often used to route cables on main runs in combination with the 2 in. U-profile for branch runs.


  • QuikLok® Connection locks lengths of tray together in seconds with no hardware or tools required
  • Higher profile enhances loading capacity, increases strength for more demanding applications and prevents cable fallout
  • User-friendly installs in less time than conventional tray with no complex layouts, a minimum of tools and less wasted material
  • Wide range of tray widths 4 in. to 24 in. widths accommodate as many or as few cables as required
  • Open design continuous airflow prevents overheating and the build-up of dust and contaminants
  • Chamfered side edge minimizes risk of injury for installer and damage to cables during installation

In Stock Options

Express Tray QuikLok Feature


Large Cable Drop-Out:

For larger cable tray widths and heavier cable loading, use the 7 in. radius large cable drop-out to protect cable exiting or entering tray runs. Available in pre-galvanized steel, the large cable drop-out has a versatile slotted design that enables the use of Ty-Rap® cable ties to attach the cable bundles to the drop-out.

90 Degree Bracket:

Create high strength tee, cross and other 90 degree configurations with this 90 degree bracket. Available in hot-dipped galvanized steel either as a single bracket or a kit including one (1) bracket, four (4) bracket clamps and one (1) hot-dipped galvanized universal splice.

Splices - adjustable splice:

Used to construct angles or bends with a radius, the adjustable splice is designed for ease of installation when field-producing bends. Installed on the inside radius, this splice adjusts up to 1/2 in. and is ideally suited for any application where adjustment may be necessary. Compatible with all tray profiles.

Side Hanger Clamp:

The side hanger clamp is used to construct trapeze supports using threaded rods. The offset support hole allows for trouble-free access to support nuts for height adjustment and the rod can continue downward to allow for multi-level (tiered) trapeze installations. A set screw holds tray firmly in position once installation is complete. Available in pregalvanized steel. For use with 3/8 in. threaded rod.

ETG Lay-In Ground Lug:

  • Lay in lug design easily installs onto any ExpressTray® 2 in. through 4 in. deep without any disassembly required.
  • Approved for steel and stainless steel wire mesh tray.
  • Accepts 12 AWG solid through 2 AWG stranded aluminum and 14 AWG solid/ stranded through 2 AWG stranded copper conductors.
  • “Slotted hook” design sits securely onto the ExpressTray® mesh intersections to restrict swiveling.
  • Must be used on each length of QuikLok® Series tray applications to meet CSA requirements.

T&B Express Basket Tray in stock at E.B. Horsman & Son:

Part # Product Description
Straight Sections 2" or 4" Deep U-Profile
ETQ2004SE10 T&B Basket Tray, 2"x4", U-profile, QuikLok®, Pre-galvanized (Electrogalvanized Steel)
ETQ2006SE10 T&B Basket Tray, 2"x6", U-profile, QuikLok®, Pre-galvanized (Electrogalvanized Steel)
ETQ2012SE10 T&B Basket Tray, 2"x12", U-profile, QuikLok®, Pre-galvanized (Electrogalvanized Steel)
ETQ2024SE10 T&B Basket Tray, 2"x24", U-profile, QuikLok®, Pre-galvanized (Electrogalvanized Steel)
ETQ4006SE10 T&B Basket Tray, 4"x6", U-profile, QuikLok®, Pre-galvanized (Electrogalvanized Steel)
ETQ4012SE10 T&B Basket Tray, 4"x12", U-profile, QuikLok®, Pre-galvanized (Electrogalvanized Steel)
ETQ4024SE10 T&B Basket Tray, 4"x24", U-profile, QuikLok®, Pre-galvanized (Electrogalvanized Steel)
ETA-CDOUL-PG T&B Basket Tray, Large Drop Out, Pre-galvanized (electrogalvanized steel)
ETA-H90KIT-HD T&B Basket Tray, 90° Bracket Kit, Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel
ETH-ADJSP-EG T&B Basket Tray, Adjustable Splice, Pre-galvanized (electrogalvanized steel) - Tool required: 10 mm. Nut driver
ETH-SH-PG T&B Basket Tray, Side hanger clamp, Pre-galvanized steel
ETG24-LL214 Lay in lug design easily installs onto any Express Tray 2" through 4" deep without any disassembly required. 12 AWG solid - 2 AWG stranded aluminum and 14 AWG solid/stranded through 2 AWG stranded copper conductors.

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