Why Level Measurement?

Measure the flow of liquids, gas and steam with absolute confidence. From simple flow indicators to advanced bus-compatible electronic systems, E.B. Horsman & Son carries reliable metering solutions built to suit every industry and process.


SITRANS FM product line has the right sensor and transmitter for every industry challenge. Magmeters deliver high-precision volume measurement of electrically conductive liquid applications – from water, wastewater and irrigation to hygienic processes and even mining slurries with magnetic particles.


The SITRANS FC Coriolis flowmeter family monitors liquids and gases in virtually all applications. Its powerful digital signal processing flow systems provide precise multiparameter measurements of direct mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, temperature, density, and fraction flow such as Brix and Plato.


Select from a diverse range of SITRANS FS inline flowmeters. For easy and cost-efficient installation, pick a highly advanced clamp-on flow solution. They can operate independent of conductivity, viscosity, temperature, density or pressure, SITRANS FS flow sensors and transmitters deliver a variety of liquids and gases – even under the toughest conditions.


SITRANS FX is your all-in-one vortex solution for volumetric and mass flow measurement of steam, gases and liquids. These reliable all-rounders integrate flow, pressure and temperature monitoring into one user-friendly, 2-wire device. You benefit from enhanced energy and process efficiency, greater accuracy and significant cost savings.

Variable Area

The SITRANS F VA 250 variable area flowmeters (rotameter) can be used to measure many different types of liquids and gases passing through closed piping. The robust design of the rotameter means that they can also be used in harsh conditions. Different types of flanges, liners and float materials satisfy the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Differential Pressure

The SITRANS FP offers a complete solution for differential pressure flow measurements. This well-established technology is suitable for all kinds of applications – liquids, dry or humid gases and steam. Due to the robust though variable design it has been and still is one of the main technologies for flow measurement in various industries.

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